Monday, March 2, 2009

Tiered Skirt

It has been so long since I've sewn any modern clothes. Last week I stumbled across Shannon's tutorial for a tiered skirt. Having some fabric on hand, I decided to make one. Thank you, Shannon, for such a wonderful tutorial! I really like the finished skirt. It has a nice amount of twirl yet takes only a modest amount of fabric. It was fun to make and took only an hour or two. I was agrieved at the amount of thread it took (to finish all the seams, and for all the rows of gathering stitches) but that is the price one must pay for a tiered skirt. Alas.

The only problem with this one is that I recycled some elastic from a thrift store skirt to use in the waist. Do Not Ever Recycle Elastic. As a result, it doesn't have a great deal of stretch and it sags below my waist yet above my hips and is prone to giving way to unattractive fleshly sights when a two year old or one year old tugs on it. Replacing this elastic is high on my priority list. Otherwise, it's a wonderful skirt style!

I didn't start on my 1840's dress quite yet. I have drawn so many sketches of it this past week but, unfortunately, started browsing the Children's Clothing Collection at the Wisconsin History website and inspiration struck when I came across a darling little 1940's era romper suit for a boy. So, for the past few days I've been working on rompers for the boys. It's going really slowly. I had hoped to have them finished by now but I still need to hem the bodice and make buttonholes for the button waistband. And add a hook and eye at the neck. And of course, I will have to alter the original pattern to make a wee baby set for Malachi! I'm thinking of eliminating the two-piece aspect of the rompers and using the basic shape to create one-piece rompers, with a snap crutch seam for easy diaper access. Here is what I have so far for the older children. Hopefully final pictures to come within the week! I'm getting bored with the 1940's and am eager to get safely back into the 1840's once more. I haven't had very much time for sewing beyond the odd hour or so in the afternoon when the boys nap lately. They've been keeping me quite busy! A few days ago they discovered the 25 lb. sugar sack in one of our cabinets and it is hard to keep them out of it. Little David likes to quietly get into and deposit quiet handfuls into a zippered cosmetic bag he acquired from the purse of his grandmother. Which lead to another problem I discovered over the weekend - ants in the boys room! Sugar deposits everywhere! A sweeping and scrubbing got rid of both - for now. Anyone know good ways to keep determined toddlers from opening a cabinet? Child safety locks last a few minutes at most!



  1. The skirt is still lovely on you!! Little boys and their curiosity! Even height and locks were no match for my youngest! I hope someone has some good tips for you. The new boys clothes are so cute!

  2. That skirt is beautiful! I will have to check her site out. I would love to try to make one too! :) Have a beautiful day!

  3. I love that tiered skirt -- thanks for posting the link. I'm in desperate need of new clothing.

    I love rompers on little boys! Is the sailboat a button or an applique? It's adorable.

  4. You know, we've hat the same issue with our pups. They figured out how to open the pantry and we came home, numerous times, to oatmeal, two or three eaten boxes of cereal, crackers, and the like scattered all over the floor. We finally put the vacuum cleaner in front of it, because they hate it, and that seems to have detered them for now.

    I love you skirt, so pretty and feminine. God Bless!

  5. i love the skirt the print is beautiful. as for the cabinets instead of the safty locks that are on the outside they use to have safty locks that were on the inside. when you close the door it would snap and to open it you would have to open the door a little and stick your finger in the opening and flip it up ( i don't think i am explaining it correct) my daughter was like Houdini she could get into anything but not those locks.

  6. Such a lovely skirt! I like the little rompers too - so vintage :)

  7. Sarah, I've recently found that it's easier to make a casing for the elastic, rather than sewing it directly to the skirt -- I need to go update my tutorial! :-) I love the fabric you chose, and I'm so glad that you like the skirt!

    Yours in Christ,

  8. I had a little brother who constantly got into cabinets. We used magnetic locks. They can be found at Menards and Home Depot. It was the only thing to keep out mischievious little boys


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