Friday, March 6, 2009

My 1940's Boys

The rompers are finally done! They were actually done early this week but today was the first nice day I could dress the boys up in their new duds and take them out to get pictures of them wearing them. The thermometer topped off at 74 degrees this afternoon. Just gorgeous! But - oddly enough - I am relieved to know that later next week it will get back into the 40's again. I am not quite ready to let go of winter-time. Not quite yet.
The rompers were inspired by these 1940's era rompers from the Wisconsin Historical Society website:
The pattern was very easy to make since the original rompers are a very basic shape. It was easy to see how the pieces should look and I measured the boys to get the right size. Judah and David both wear the same size (2/3T) but I had to cut the trousers on Judah's outfit just a bit shorter, since he is an inch or so shorter than his brother.

To make them, I used two jumpers that a gentleman gave me last year, which he had got from cleaned-out inventory from the local Dollar Store. I am just not a jumper sort of person and I never would have worn them as is. The material was perfectly good though, and was just the thing to use for these little suits. I sewed all seams with french seams to finish off the inside.

The collars, sleeve bands and waistbands came from scraps, the red check from leftovers from a Civil War shirt I made David last year and the brown/blue plaid from a scrap bag my mother in law gave me last fall. I used the same brown/blue plaid to trim Judah's wool Civil War dress. The only monetary output for these were the appliques I put on the front. David got a little horse and Judah got sailboats.

And, of course, not to be left out, Malachi got a baby version.
I used the same basic shapes for his pattern but I changed the trousers to be wider at the waist, leaving me room to make a few little box pleats at the top, and I made the legs a little narrower at the ankle. I also made them open at the crutch seam for easy diaper access and sewed the top and trousers together at the waist.
His outfit was made from an old maternity ensemble that had long since been worn out and stained. I used the good parts of the fabric and made his top from a blue shirt and the trousers/sleeve bands/collar from an old skirt. His applique is a wee teddy bear. (in passing, I never knew how fun appliques could be. I've never used them before and now I'm thinking of all sorts of uses for them!) Here are some pictures of my darlings wearing their new clothes today, so you can see them "in action". :)

Here is David on the porch before we left for the park this afternoon. Bare feet and all. Glorious weather!

And wee Judah, exploring the woods around the playground we traveled to:

And Baby Malachi, wide-awake after a long after-lunch nap:

I'm working on getting the patterns tidied up so I can scan and post them here. Until then, be inspired by the Wisconsin Historical Society Children's Clothing Collection!!!


  1. Your little boys look so adorable in their new little rompers:-) I always love the older styles for little boys. So sweet!

    Lots of love,

  2. What adorable little boys...and adorable little rompers!


  3. Adorable, Sarah! Ooo, Baby Malachi is getting so big already!

    You had 74 today? We had 8! Ha--funny, the difference.

  4. The rompers are so cute, and your little boys look absolutely adorable in them!!! Great job on the patterns!

  5. Those are darling! And the boys, as always, are so cute:)!!!

  6. Your boys look adorable! The rompers turned out really nice! Have a beautiful weekend!!

  7. I love the rompers. They are absolutely adoreable. I can't wait to have babies to sew for... Sigh... Must get hubby through school, must get hubby through school....

  8. Oh, te rompers are so cute! They look like somthing out of the Sears catalog! Your boys are getting so big!

  9. What adorable rompers! I love little cute clothes! 74 degrees wow! I think it was 55 degrees here. Have a good weekend!
    Faith G.

  10. That is sooo cute! I am impressed that you didn't even use a pattern! Your boys look very pleased with their new clothes.

  11. Those are adorable! Very creative and thrifty!

  12. Those are *SO* cute!! And I'm glad to see Mr. Malachi's little booties are still fitting him! He's grown so much already!

  13. Oh, those are adorable!! I love 1930s and 40s...


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