Thursday, March 26, 2009

Springtime Blouses

I was really inspired by Cheri's recent post on peasant blouses, and loved the one she has for sale in her shop. I used to wear this style all the time and thought I'd try to make a few new ones for myself, since they are so comfortable and one of my very favorite styles. I spent yesterday drawing up a pattern based on my measurements and gave it a whirl. The first result showed a few problems I had to correct, so I modified my pattern and made another one today. Here is my new peasant blouse! :)

It has a neck gathered into a satin binding instead of being drawn with a ribbon. Reason: I had no ribbon in a corresponding color. I did have this satiny seam binding in a peachy-pinky-tan color that was just right.

I used the rest of the seam binding to put around the front vent facing. I also added some cream colored lace, last minute. Why not?

The short sleeves are elasticized, to give a ruffle effect.

And the bottom hem is vented on the lengthened body to give a bit of shaping. All in all, a very comfortable style. I can't wait to make a few more.

Here is the first blouse I made yesterday. If any of you ladies are a rather short-waisted, petite sort of woman, with not-too-heavy shoulders and rather slender arms, with a bust not exceeding 40" or so, this blouse may just fit you perfectly. It was just a bit too short in the length for me (hitting me just above hip length) and just a bit too tight in the arms (which, admittedly, are not super-thin) to be completely comfortable. If any of you are interested in it, please e-mail me and you may have it for the price of shipping. I love how it came out, but since it doesn't fit just right, would rather it have a good home where it may be used. I plan on making another in the same fabric, with my newly modified pattern.



P.S. Don't forget that Little Dorrit premieres this Sunday on Masterpiece!!


  1. Sarah these are so pretty!You are very talented.Hey if you have time sometime check out my blog Its also listed on my facebook

  2. The blouses are so feminine and beautiful! I love them! I am excited for Little Dorrit on Sunday! :)

  3. That is such a beautiful blouse Sarah. You do lovely work, :)


  4. They are gorgeous, Sarah!! I adore the lace touches you added. They inspire me to make more. ::grins:: We keep inspiring each other. LOL!

  5. They are both so pretty! I want to know how you find the time to draft and sew up patterns, especially with three little ones! You are insanely productive! I'm lucky if I get one blouse made every three months, and that WITH a pattern that I bought!

  6. I love them!
    They remind me of Easter. Very pretty!

  7. Lovely, Sarah. I emailed you.

  8. Hooray! The blouse has been spoken for. Thank you!

    Serena, I have only about 2 hours a day (3 if I'm lucky) to sew. One hour is the hectic one prior to lunch time. The boys play in the closet of the sewing room and get in the way and try to use the sewing machine by themselves, and considerately adjust the tension for me and unthread the needle. That hour is usually make a pattern/cut out something hour. Around 2:00 the boys take a nap. Or, at least, they are put in their room to do so. They eventually fall asleep. They usually sleep until 4:00 or 4:30 and Malachi is happy to sit with me in his bouncy seat while I sew and sometimes he naps, as well.

    When the boys wake up that is my call to start supper, so thus ends my sewing day! If I'm not too tired I'll sew for a half hour or so at night after the boys go to bed.

    I remember with nostalgic fondness the days before my marriage when I literally would go into my little basement sewing spot and sew the entire day. :) It's a good thing I CAN'T do that now, though, or else my house would be a wreck!

  9. Those are beautiful blouses! I have been reading your blog for a little while now, just haven't commented yet. Your blog is one of my favorites. I love your writing style and some of our interests are the same. I wish I could have spoken for that lovely blouse but at 5'11", petite is something I am not. Alas. Thanks for the heads up on Little Dorrit. I believe I also found out about BBC's Sense and Sensibility through your blog. Keep those tips coming.

  10. Oops forgot to sign my comment.
    Christian homeschool mom of 3

  11. Very pretty, Sarah. I love the shape. I'm so glad to hear that David has a job. Talk to you soon :-)

  12. Sarah, I *love* the details on the cream blouse!

  13. I think the blouses are very pretty! The colors are pretty spring colors.
    Faith G.


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