Friday, June 26, 2020

Summer Begins

It has been a bittersweet month as we have said goodbye to spring and hello to summer. Sweet, because life has attained its pleasant rhythm of summer again and bitter because this is my grandma's last one with us. My thoughts have been very much turned inwards and back lately; remembering many things and also here in the present moment, enjoying the quiet life of day to day living. I am so grateful for so much to remember. We are here for such a short time.

I have been sewing some and have some projects to share when I have time to take pictures and organize a post or two. I've made overalls and finished my feather Scroop Robin Dress and am working on a vintage style patchwork skirt. I finished my beaded rosette necklace I began in February and made a kaftan for Summer Solstice. I have been to a lot of baseball games and have played guitar on the porch many evenings, watching the little ones chase fireflies and the dim shapes of our cats in the dark. We caught a baby possum in our live trap two nights in a row (I think the same one!) and let it go both times, despite the two youngest begging to keep it. 😂

We made drums and beaters and the boys brought our cornhole set out from the shed and have been playing in the yard with some of the neighborhood boys who come by frequently to hang out and mess around. We have had days of rain and days of hot sunshine and the tomatoes are growing like mad.

Last week, Serpent Mound reopened and on Saturday Rosie and I visited the site to experience summer solstice there. There were so many people present to share the evening with, despite this years cancellation of the annual gathering. It was a truly magical evening flooded with warm light and the deep joy of being among family - despite our backgrounds and differences, I do think we all greatly enjoyed being with each other to mark this special time of year.

I have been working more on video editing and making short videos, so compiled some of our photos into a little one, which you can see below.

I will be back soon with a better update and hopefully some sewing projects to share! Deep love to you all.


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