Thursday, February 20, 2020

Evergreen Bonnet for a Little Fox

Rosie's favorite book and movie remains to be The Gruffalo and she still wears her brown fuzzy Gruffalo coat everywhere! But while the Gruffalo himself is her very favorite, she also loves the other forest creatures featured in the story. When I recently had the opportunity to make a version of the Twig & Tale Evergreen Bonnet, she had no hesitation when choosing which kind of animal ears she wanted for her bonnet. "A fox!"

those ears! 😍
She chose a thick, wonderful vintage cotton velvet for the hat and some soft pink printed cotton for the lining. This is actually the second version of this  bonnet. The first came out a bit too small. I misjudged her head size and I guess my little baby girl isn't as little as I thought! This is the large size, and it is a tiny bit roomy but better too big than too small! The first version now lives on a large white teddy-bear in Rose's bedroom and she is delighted to match one of her favorite stuffed animals. 

This is such a pretty, classic bonnet and I like how it covers the ears well - something that I really appreciate since it's currently cold again and has been very windy and we've had to deal with a few ear infections over the past few months. 

Yesterday we had a break in the grey with a day of golden sun, and of course we had to go out and spend some time outdoors, even if it was still quite cold. We visited the pond and saw many long-necked, graceful Canada geese looking for nesting spots, and they objected to our presence loudly. The sun dipped down in a golden haze over the dried bean fields, where little birds like to take cover. In the mud were tracks of coyote and deer. 

This bonnet pattern was gifted to me as part of the Twig & Tale Inspiration team and I was so happy to finally try it out. It's been on my wish list a long time! Twig & Tale also JUST released a second lovely bonnet pattern - the Riverstone. I'm definitely planning a few of those for my girls for the summer. I think the brimmed version would be perfect for our beach days at the lake! Both the Evergreen and Riverstone bonnets are on sale through Sunday so please check them out and visit the Twig & Tale Facebook chat group for many more photos of both of these lovely bonnets. 

But wait! There's more. πŸ˜„ I made two more of these so will be sharing them over the next few days! I'm on a sewing spree. πŸ˜‚ It's been so much fun to have such an instant gratification project with such practical yet lovely results. 

Much love,

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