Sunday, February 23, 2020

Evergreen Bonnet for Benjamin

He's getting almost too big for garments like these, but I'm thankful he still enjoys playing dress up and letting his imagination run wild as he chases his sisters through the yard. He's almost six now, and he's at the age where he's in the middle between big-brothers who do super cool things like play baseball, basketball, go fishing and play video games with their friends and his two sisters who set up large, intricate, imaginative worlds with their many dozens of dollies and doll houses and animal figures. This doesn't bother him, however; he traverses between both worlds with ease, depending on his mood.

I actually made this cat-ear Evergreen Bonnet for Anne but she decided the cat ears weren't realistic enough so when Benjamin wanted it, she gave it to him. And he's worn it a lot since! He's even worn it to school where his only complaint was that some kids didn't know right away that he was a cat. He prefers to be a Big Cat, like a Lion or Tiger, rather than a tame cat. Perhaps eventually we will need to make a Twig & Tale Animal Coat with a lions mane. (But quickly! My little boy is growing up too fast.)

Today is the last day of the sale on both this Evergreen bonnet and the new Riverstone bonnet. I made up my first Riverstone yesterday, for Anne, and she likes the simple, clean lines and modest brim very well - it is just right for her, as she is preferring more grown-up styles lately and animal ears, while fun, are becoming a bit too babyish for this almost-8 year old.

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