Friday, July 20, 2018

Some 1930's Impression Photos

Thanks to Malachi we were able to get some nice photos of our new 1930's style dresses this week. Benjamin wore his overalls and a button up to join in on the fun. 😁

excuse Rosies decidedly modern tattoo, one of her favorite
prizes from the library for her summer reading log.😆

I have a few computer issues to fix over the weekend but will have a more detailed post up soon! This was such a fun project and I love how everything turned out.



  1. Everything turned out so lovely! I attempted 1930's for a 1st person impression for a museum SEVERAL years ago, but mine wasn't nearly as nice. I think you might have inspired me to go back and redo it just in case I need it again. Very beautiful!

  2. I love the simplistic design of your dresses. they look so cool and summery ; )


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