Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Little Bit of Summer

It's been hard to find time to sit down and blog about my projects; it's been a crazy busy summer. My own six kids, ages 3-11 and usually at least that number of neighbor kids are running through the house almost daily. 😂 School starts in a few weeks and as the summer winds down it seems the chaos is growing more fervent. The nights are later, the mornings earlier, and the activity swift and intense as the kids pack all they can into their last month of freedom.
What a beautiful road to travel.

Sunflowers, where the dove hunting grounds will be opened in September.

Evening sunshine. :) 

Begonias in the front yard. 

It's been a summer of baseball, fishing, 4-H, putting in a garden and watching it grow, mowing, going to the park, the library and VBS, planning a few living history events, enjoying visits from out of state family (and the kids sure enjoyed visiting their grandparents out of state as well!) and helping neighbors find run away dogs. It's been cook-outs and sparklers on the porch at night and bike rides and thunderstorms. 

Malachi up to bat. 

Sweet Anne turned six!

He caught his first fish this summer - and a lot more after that!

Got her fishing pole and her Barbie. ;) This girl has no fear of worms, either.
She loves digging them out of their plastic cups filled with wood shavings!

I had planned to post about the girls 1930's dresses today but night finds me still having that undone and at this point, I'm too tired to do it. 😂 Instead, here are just a few pictures of our summer so far. Sometimes on blogs that focus solely on historic sewing, it's easy to forget that the authors live in 2018, just like everyone else, and life is 98% normal day to day living. And there is beauty in that simple old hum-drum routine.  
Yes, I generally look tired, I think, lol. I turned 32 in May and I sure am feeling it!
The year after next Rosie will be the last baby to start school and I hope I can
find time to go back to school myself - and maybe get a little more sleep. :) 

One of Judah's photographs for 4-H.

Evening. :)

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer and looking forward to the beauty of changing seasons as autumn approaches. 


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  1. How beautiful young mother of all children and the weather I get the picture in the summer. Lovely to have children seeing. And smell environment. They will always remembering is you, mommy. I have that thoughtof it. I miss my mother RIP2015 she live many children .ihave 10 .I born in number 7. My lucky numbers haha. All of my brothers n sisters are married and grandparents. I'm new nanny. 3 yrs old granddaughter. I'll find her best summer like you and ur children .
    Thank you fit your sharing. It is Special Summer .
    Have a great day!
    Faith Lucero


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