Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A Swirly Skirted Swimsuit

May is almost over - already. And school is out! I am looking forward to a great summer with the kids although I know it will be crazy busy and exhausting. A year from this summer little Benjamin will start kindergarten and in two years little Rose will be the last one to go. They grow up too fast and I am determined to enjoy and cherish each minute I get with my little ones - so soon these crazy days will be memories.

Anne graduated from kindergarten! 
Spring was very late to arrive this year but once it did, it certainly did! Summer was fast on its heels and already the days have been humid and hot. Early this month I had to take the little ones to the city for Anne to get an eye check up and on our way back we stopped at the beach to eat our lunch and, of course, it was inevitable that they all just had to get in the water!

We went to the beach several more times after that and as I dug out the boxes of summer clothes and went through them, it was discovered that Rose did not have a swimming suit. I felt horrible!

Then I realized I had a little material left that seemed swim suit appropriate. This is the fabric I had bought to line the hood and pockets of my Otari Hoodie but I ended up not using it for the hood lining. I did use some of it to make myself a test swim suit and there was a little, tiny bit left. I wasn't sure if it would be enough for a toddler-size suit but well, why not try?

I found this adorable free pattern at Life Sew Savory and quickly printed it and got to work. In a few hours, it was done and Rose was anxious to try it on! She had sat on my lap as we sewed it, "helping" to guide the fabric beneath the needle. It took her a while to decide which color elastic to use for the straps but at last she settled on blue.

It was a perfect fit! In all ways! The pattern perfectly fit onto the fabric I had left and the swim suit perfectly fit my little water baby. Since we made it she has worn it nearly every day, either at the beach or here at home in the little wading pool we have on the deck. The fabric is holding up fabulously and there's no reason to expect it won't last the whole summer. I want to make more of these suits though; they are so fast and so cute it is almost instant gratification! I think it would be fun to size it up a little and make one for Anne. The swirly little skirt is just adorable. :)

And so is Rose!


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