Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Arenite Pants #2

Wow, look, two blog posts in a week! I'm stealing a quick break this afternoon to blog another April project. The two littlest had doctor check ups this morning (all perfect they said! See ya in a year!) and they played hard in the pool on the deck this afternoon. Now, it looks like rain and I have a few minutes before the bus comes to drop off Anne.

These were my second pair of pants from the Arenite pattern and I decided to go up two sizes for a baggier fit. I also added 1.5" in length (I think? I can't remember. . .) and did not add on the wide 2" cuff at the ankle. Instead, I used a 1/2" piece of elastic for a looser, harem-pant style ankle.

The fabric is one of those wonderful and mysterious bargain fabrics from Wal Mart. This slate blue fabric was $2 a yard and has a wonderful drape, a cool feel and a nubbly woven texture.

It made up into a gorgeous pair of informal trousers, but oh man. It was a pain to sew. And it really shouldn't have been, either! It was a series of stupid mistakes on my part but it seemed every single little thing gave me trouble. Trimming the seams for felling? I cut a long sliver out of the pant leg. Oh, and that was after I sewed the pockets in backwards and then realized I had cut 3 fronts and 1 back instead of 2 of each!

At last they were finished though and I was never so glad to see the end of a project. Since then I have worn these a lot and every time I put them on I think, why don't I wear these every day?!
Getting into Warrior 2. It's cheesy :D Sorry. ;)
They are loose (maybe a bit too loose in the waist, next time I'll make the elastic an inch or so shorter!) and cool and I can do anything in these. Even yoga! Now I have 2 of these pants and really no need for more, but I still want to make more. In the meantime though, I'm glad to have these as much-needed and much-used-already staples in  my wardrobe!


  1. Dear One, I think you could sew anything!!! And do it well.
    God bless,

    1. Oh my, I don't deserve such praise but thank you! Sewing is one of those hobbies where there is always something new to learn and new details you can add to make a project better. I'm glad to have something I can do that constantly challenges me to try new things and try to be better than I was last time.

  2. They look great and oh-so-comfy! I have a grey pair in a similar style but in a jersey knit - if only I knew where I'd put them!

    If the waist is too loose, you could always put a drawstring in. The centre of the waist looks like it could be a good spot for eyelets and a tie.

    Manchester, UK

    1. Ahhhhhh, grey jersey sounds so nice for pants like these! And thanks for the idea about the drawstring! That would be a great fix, and yes, that middle channel of the elastic casings would be a perfect spot to put it. Thank you!


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