Monday, January 29, 2018

Sontags for Little Girls

I finished these for the girls last week! I am so happy with how they came out. And I'm glad that I made mine first, to work out most of the problems I ran into. Anne's crocheted border came out far better than mine and Rosie's was the best yet. I think I finally got the hang of working crochet into the edge of knitting.

Like my sontag, these are made from the pattern at Ragged Soldier. While the original instructions call for knitting the back 18 blocks (each block being made of 5 rows of stitches), I sized the pattern down to fit a 5 year old and 2 year old by decreasing the number of blocks at the back. Anne wears about a 6 in modern sizing and making hers 13 blocks high at the back was just about right. Her sontag came out a bit big but should fit her for awhile! I knit hers with size 8 needles.

Thank you to my friend Laura for passing down this darling dress
she made for her own little girl many years ago!

Rosie's was knit 12 blocks high in the back to fit an approximate modern size 3T. Hers fits just how I wanted it. I used size 7 needles for hers. For both of the girls sontags I cast on 25 stitches. When it came time to bind off the neck I bound off the center 3 blocks to make the back neckline, instead of the 5 blocks that are bound off for an adult size.

The wool yarn is Paton's Classic Merino. Anne chose light grey with a crimson border and Rosie chose dark grey. I had just enough of the dark green left from my project to make a narrow border on hers.

These will be so nice to have for events in the spring and fall when the weather is often unpredictable and dressing in layers is very practical. For cold events these can be worn layered under a coat or jacket. 

With that, I'm determined to actually sew this week instead of just knit! ;) 


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  1. They turned out beautifully! And the basket stitch pattern is so gorgeous! When I knitted my sontag, I went with Andalusian stitch, because the counting got a bit much for me. :)


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