Saturday, January 13, 2018

18th Century Wool Mitts

I finished these mitts about a week ago, in the middle of the sub zero stretch of days that marked the start of the year. Since then we have had a few days over 50 and now we are back into the low digits with a lot of snow. While these mitts are meant for living history, I found them so warm and cozy that I've been wearing them in modern life too! 

These are straight from the American Duchess book and worked up quickly. I found the illustrations and instructions so easy to follow. I was a little worried about drafting the pattern since I usually drape, but following the steps produced a pretty good fitting pattern right off. 

I made them up in a single layer of worsted wool. They are cut on the bias to allow for stretch and are faced with scrap fabric. While the AD instructions call for silk I liked the look of linen better so that is what I used. 

My fabric was a little prone to raveling. Not too much, but enough to make me want to finish the seams. I finished the thumb seam with a little whip stitch and the long seam along the arm I felled down. 

I found that the triangular facing wasn't large enough for my liking so I made a bigger facing that goes around the whole hand opening. 

And done!

This picture shows my stays with the reshaped neckline. I think it gives a much better 18th century silhouette now! The back lacing gap is narrowing every time I try these on so I'm thinking I'll eventually have to make them a smidge narrower in the back. I REALLY don't want to do that, but know it will bother me until I do. I think I'll just take off the center back and make new lacing holes. That seems easiest and doesn't mess too badly with the side seam placement. Plus it keeps the tabs intact, which is a high priority! haha. I so hate tabs!

I'm back in the 1860's now, knitting on a few projects and redoing a few others. But I'll be back to the 18th century before too long. I think I need one more petticoat and then I'll be ready for the gown. So the hunt is on a for a few yards of linen! Preferably colored appropriately so I can use it as a visible petticoat for an open robe or shortgown or jacket. I may end up ordering from online but am looking around at the local second hand shops first to see if I can find any tablecloths or curtain panels that may do. I want to keep this outfit as inexpensive as possible! 

Stay warm!


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