Sunday, April 23, 2017

Ulysses Grant Days

The weather this weekend sure took me by surprise - after a few weeks of sunny days, temperatures in the 70's (or above!), we went from sun and 80 on Friday to rain and a high of 49 on Saturday. The forecast had me scrambling at the last minute to pull together some warmer outfits for the babies and I had to lay aside our new sheer dresses and accessories until next week. Which currently is forecasted to be in the 90's! Such is April! I took well over 200 pictures but here are just a few of my favorites from the day!

Two 2 year olds! For 10 more days haha. Peeking into the basement of
Ulysses Grants boyhood home.


Union boys return from the skirmish


I had the two youngest wear last years dresses since they are made of heavier material than their new ones. Anne chose to wear last years dress as well, even though the fabric is almost sheer, since it has long sleeves and she didn't mind if it got muddy. I whipped up 3 little coats on Friday. Thank God I saved the patterns I made for the boys when they were little! It saved me so much time. They did need coats, anyway, so it's nice to have that done and out of the way, even though they probably won't need them again until the fall. 
Hot dogs! Gotta get the babies longer socks that stay up on their legs.

Does this child realize how beautiful she is?!
Oh my gosh. She is gorgeous. 

Benjamin loved his coat. He kept saying "I look so pretty,

She is full of delight!

Layering coats over dresses and utilizing shawls and scarves and caps and bonnets kept us all warm enough. Plus the little ones really never stopped running around so they were kept extra warm with their exercise. ;) Of course, they all discovered the tiny creek nearby and spent a lot of time jumping over it and Benjamin soaked his shoes before the day was over.

Creek jumping. 

The dreaded "bonnet hair". Even though she needs a trim to
even up her ends, I can't bring myself to cut her baby curls.
Her hair is so long in the back, but she definitely has
that 1980's mullet thing going on. 

Picking flowers is extremely serious.

Judah had alternate plans, since he is older now, so sadly he didn't attend with us.
We missed him! But here are my other 3 boys!

Federal troops lined up before marching.

The chaplain and musician.

No complaints about his clothes! He said he had a great time.

We had such a fun time and it was an honor to be able to celebrate the life of Ulysses Grant at the home he grew up in. 
I want to live here. . .


Eating "goober peas"!

Plus, it was Rose's birthday! I can't believe she is 2! She has grown into quite a little reenactor and it's so, so cute to see her running around "helping" with everything! She loves it! 
While she tolerated her bonnet, she much preferred to snatch and wear her
brothers cap.

She is a squeezy huggy little thing! She loves her babies!

Helping with the medical demonstration.

More helping!

My little birthday girl!

While I've been to the U.S. Grant home before this was the first time I was able to see the inside. What a beautiful home! It has been lovingly restored and furnished and one can almost imagine the young Ulysses running around, helping his father or performing some boyish antic to the applause and delight of his younger siblings and friends. It was from this house that Ulysses left for West Point in 1839. 
She looks so unenthusiastic. ;) 

I love this wallpaper and floor. This is what I want my bedroom to look like!

I love this wallpaper too!

Yep I can move in tomorrow, I am ready. 

Now - a day to do laundry and rest and then I need to start prep for next weekend! It's gonna be hot! 
What a perfect sewing corner!


  1. You all look fabulous, and are perfect for that house! I love all the wallpapers and ingrained carpets. Just amazing. Love love love the blue jackets the girls are sporting!

  2. As a reeenactor the ability to be ready for any weather scenario. is a must. I was lucky enough to inherit my mothers wool cloak which is lined with a heavy weight muslin. Here is Nevada we can have hot days but the temps drop at night. I was ill prepared for my first overnight event in terms of my bedding. I happened to have the cape with me and threw it on top. It was much warmer. I love seeing the enjoyment your children have for the hobby.

    1. So, so true! It is like that here as well, with days that can be hot but with really cold nights. What a great gift your mom gave you! So glad that you had it with you that night!


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