Monday, April 3, 2017

An April Dress

On Saturday, which was a blustery, rainy sort of day, Anne and I stayed indoors and sewed her up a new dress. She picked a purple gingham overprinted with blue and purple flowers and I think the resulting dress looks just right for April. Cool, serene and ladylike. It's fully lined and with a built in petticoat.
Malachi and I pulled out the old fencing last week. I think we may leave this space
open for now. Fences are such unfriendly things. 

I didn't use a pattern but it's just a basic dress with a scoop necked, fitted bodice, a full rectangular skirt (2 widths of 45" fabric) and puffed sleeves. I had 3 pink buttons left from my 1950's Valentines dress, so we put those on the back. Pink buttons go with everything!

For these pictures the dress had already been worn and washed so forgive any wrinkles. Anne was more interested in collecting tiny flowers and leaves to decorate the center of the table than in taking pictures so I just followed her and Rose around and let them do their thing.

Rose's dress is the green ruffled 1920's dress I made Anne for her first Easter. It's hard to believe that was nearly four years ago and Easter is in less than two weeks! 

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  1. I love spring so much. Your girls look like two little woodland sprites in those dresses, with their flowers. What lovely photos.


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