Thursday, October 27, 2016

Princess Leia Costume for Rose

I think this is the last Halloween costume I need to make this year. I think. Fingers crossed. Anne keeps changing her mind as to what she wants to be but she keeps going back to a Fairy Princess, which is easy since we bought her a very pretty pink and silver, puffed-sleeve princess gown a few weeks ago at a second hand shop and fairy wings are a dollar at the local DT. And Malachi will be, as usual, a cowboy. 

For Rose I needed something that she can easily walk in, that she'd actually keep on (she prefers being as un-clothed as possible) and that wouldn't cost too much. While I initially thought I'd make a one-piece bunny costume with some pink wool I had on hand I came across a pattern for a crocheted Leia baby hat and I knew that Rose had to have it!

Now, this is kinda a big deal for me since I can't crochet. My great-grandma was an amazing fiber artist and tried patiently to teach me crochet when I was 11 years old. I learned how to make a long string of chain stitches and beyond that my brain turned into a hopeless puddle. I took up knitting, instead, and closed the door forever upon the mysterious world of crochet. 

But, Rose was worth the painful idea of trying again. I'd try again for her. So I got the supplies and watched a few YouTube videos on how to start a slip knot for crochet, how to do double crochet and half double crochet and adventurously began. And an hour and a half later I did have a hat! Wow. I was shocked. It's probably the easiest pattern in the world but I was so very excited about being able to complete it. The hat isn't perfect (I messed up on the final round since I was trying to count while also helping Judah with math homework) but it looks pretty much like it's supposed to, it fits Rose and she keeps it on. Win.

The dress is a cut all in one piece as  T shape, with an attached, gathered hood at the back neck opening. Very simple and very quick to make. I used a piece of fabric from one of the poly/cotton sheets I keep on hand for mock ups so there was no expense for new fabric. The belt is a stretchy white headband. 

I love grey autumn days since they are so good for taking pictures. Rose loved wearing her new costume outside, exploring the yard and the edge of the woods and playing with the cat. I can't wait to take her trick or treating on Monday. She is going to be so excited when she finds out she gets candy just for looking cute. ;)

Now that these projects are behind me I am feeling the need to slow down a bit. I have a mid-19th century style quilted petticoat cut out but I haven't started putting it together yet. Before I start anything new I want to repaint my sewing room and get things arranged better. Maybe next week. For now, I'm going to enjoy the rest of this lovely cool grey day with some good cups of coffee. Happy Halloween everyone!



  1. Oh, wow--she is the cutest!! :) I love it when littles don't mind wearing something they don't normally wear, as opposed to pulling it all off before one can get photos. Congratulations on completing it!!

  2. Please, please, please post a picture of her reaction when she does find out she gets sweets for looking cute!

    A huge well-done for concocting these costumes - I know I couldn't do it!


  3. It was funny to read about your inability to crochet, while you like to knit. I am not good in knitting, but have always loved to crochet. I always tought crochetting was easier, but apparently not for everyone. So different we people are.


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