Monday, October 24, 2016

Dipsy Teletubby Costume

Benjamin was a late talker. He turned 2 in May and he still wasn't talking all that much. His pediatrician wasn't overly concerned; some kids just talk later than others. But months passed and Benjamin still seemed content to communicate with two or three word phrases; sometimes just a gesture and a dimpled smile.

Then, over the summer, he discovered Teletubbies! I can't remember exactly when. I think he and Rose were driving me crazy one day (try getting much done with a 1 year old firmly grasping your legs from the back, and a 2 year old grabbing your legs from the front) so I put an episode on for them, thinking it may give me twenty minutes of peace. They both loved the show and since then it's been a daily ritual with Benjamin.
And he has started talking! Oh my goodness. He is a chatterbox now. Teletubbies may be dumb, stupid, silly, weird and all that but it has made my boy want to start talking more and that is a good thing. Actually, the shows aren't terrible at all. I've watched quite a few with my little boy. ;) And so, for Halloween, what would be better for Benjamin than a Teletubby costume?

Fleece was on sale at Joanns for 50% off so we bought a yard and a half. I used a set of Benjamins pajamas to copy a pattern for a one piece suit. It opens up the back and the hood is separate and 
fastens under the chin. This may be the first thing I've ever made him that he absolutely loves!
Gotta secure the head - thing? a bit better as it tends to want to lean forward!
It's roomy enough so he can wear a full set of clothes underneath. It's usually quite cold on Halloween so hopefully he will stay nice and warm. 

Also, I hate sewing with fleece. Never again! 


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