Friday, August 12, 2016

No Time

So, it's already two weeks into August. I don't mind that (except maybe these unbearably hot and humid days we've been having) but I have really failed at progress towards my sewing goals. No matter how much I remind myself that this summer has been great, if busy, and that we've done a lot of cool things and made some great memories, I still feel irritated with myself. FAILURE. Ugh. Not a good feeling.
I painted my room last week - this lovely soft grey was a few dollars on the mistint shelf. Score! 
Moving my sewing room upstairs was definitely the right choice. I have been able to drastically increase my sewing time and I feel much happier with the finished products. Yay for good strong light! And my basement-turned-bedroom is really quite cosy and pleasant, so it was a win all around.

BUT STILL. I wanted to have so much more done. My goals at the beginning of the year were a little bit vague. I wanted to make each kid an outfit so we could attend Civil War reenactments. And they each have a basic outfit now. We've gone to events. We've had fun. But I haven't progressed much beyond that. Over the summer I wanted to get a new regency outfit made. I made stays. That's it. I wanted to make a new 1860's cage. The steels for that are still coiled up and stashed in the closet. I wanted to have a new sheer dress for summer time, and, well, it's not going to be summer for much longer. That 3 year old fabric may sit on the top shelf of the closet for yet another year. I wanted to sew a straw bonnet, and I still haven't made little David his waistcoat. I kinda hate myself.

Plus kids grow so Benjamin and Rose need new outfits this fall. Anne probably will need a new dress too, but maybe not til the beginning of next year. I start thinking about it all and feel overwhelmed.

I think back to when the boys were little and I got so much sewing done. I remember making a complete 1860's dress in 3 days. HOW DID I DO THAT? I had three preschoolers then, just as I do now, but I managed to get a lot more made back then. And now with my three preschoolers I have three grade schoolers who usually are pretty awesome about keeping their baby siblings occupied for random bits of time so I can snatch a few minutes in the sewing room. Still, personal sewing projects are being started and completed at an unbearably slow rate.

The boys and Anne were involved in the summer reading program at the library and one of their prizes was tickets to the local Renn Faire. I am so looking forward to taking them but now am mentally scrambling for ideas for some fun, but simple outfits they can wear when we go. After another LoTR marathon lately I've fallen back to my old appreciation for the hobbit costumes in those movies. So cute! And they'd work well for Halloween costumes, too. But it's August. Honestly, I probably won't have time to make everyone an outfit before then.

(I really want to make one for me, though, but then I feel horribly selfish for wanting to make myself a costume before I make my kids costumes.)

(BUT I do have the most perfect, hobbity-est embroidered wool panel for a hobbit bodice, repurposed from a vintage woolen jumper. I really have got to use it!)

I guess there is really no point to this post except to whine and complain a little bit. I know this is one of those "seasons of life" sort of things. Someday all too soon my kids will be grown up and I'll find myself with more time than I know what to do with. And then I can sit and sew and make beautiful things. . .but I'll miss the little hands that pull on the fabric I'm stitching, I'll miss the fast-growing children who get too tall for their outfit way before I have a new one ready for them. I'll miss fitting in time to sew between diaper changes and nap times. I'll miss refolding and stacking my fabric after Rose joyfully flings it off the shelves for the hundredth time.

And to remind myself that I need to keep sewing, even if it is just a little bit. It really is worth it to be able to bring my kids to events and have them participate and create their own memories. I just wish I could get things done a little faster! Ha. But well, a mile is a mile whether you walk or run, right?

Keep sewing.


  1. I'm in the same place. I married young, quickly had 3 kids in 3 years (2007, 2008, 2009) and managed to feel like I had everything under control and then some! I was highly productive and always felt like I had time/energy for everything! Now, although I'm only 28, and my kids are much more self sustaining, I feel as though I'm MORE tired and less productive! It's completely backwards. I think it has to do with getting older, and perhaps, just not having the "passion" for our hobbies that we used to. I also tend to feel more drained as the kids get older because it is a different kind of "hard." It's less physically demanding, but far more mentally draining. Add to that, we feel guilty for not doing "xyz" with the older kids (no matter how much we do I think this guilt gets worse when we think about spending time or effort on ourselves), while still being physically drained by the youngers! So, to summarize, I don't blame you and can commiserate!!! I also think just seeing how fast the eldest children grew... places increased emphasis on spending extra time with the younger children...causing us to put our hobbies/goals even further on the back burner :P

    1. It really IS backwards, isn't it? I think you are exactly right, though - older children certainly are more mentally demanding (oh but so fun!) and yes, I have definitely noticed I want to spend more time doing quality activities with the littles, just because I NOW know how fast these baby years go by. :( When I had my first 3 (mine were 2006, 2007 and 2009) I was in my early 20's and I really never even thought about just how fast they'd grow up. And that definitely shifts hobbies farther and farther down the priority list.

  2. I hear you! I only have two little ones, but as I never was one of those who could whip up a dress in three days even before motherhood, I get very little sewing done at the moment. It's very frustrating at times, but when I consider the alternative (lots of me-time but no kids) I'm very content with my situation, and choose to work on simpler, but still fun, projects that I can more easily fit around mothering :)

  3. The new paint is lovely! I remember, too, when the children were young (and I only had 2 at the time) that I could get hours of sewing in! I don't know how I did it and managed to get so much sewn - for myself and them - and then quilt projects on the side too. I do miss it - but I am so thankful for the quiet moments of Motherhood. I know I will have more time to sew in the future, but I won't ever get these moments back with my little ones. :) My eldest is learning how to sew at the moment, and it is enjoyable to watch her learn and grow to love it too. :) Have a lovely day!

  4. When I feel exactly the way you are talking about in this post, I make out lists of things I want to get sewn. Somehow writing it down feels like a partial accomplishment. I have the two (oldest) boys out of three going to school this fall, and I really hope that helps productivity.
    Just celebrate getting the room painted! Right now I have been cutting a lot of things out, and will be sewing more when the weather turns to rain this fall.


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