Thursday, August 18, 2016

More White Sewing

It seems most of what I've made this year has been white. Historical undergarments were often white for a very good reason; they launder well. It gets boring after awhile and yes, I'm bored with them. Still, undergarments are needed before colorful dresses. And Rose is graduating to a colorful dress.

After my last post I started thinking about what short cuts I took when the boys were little. One thing I did a lot of back then was like sewing. I'd cut out several of the same kind of garment and sew them all together at the same time. This was easy when the boys were small since their sizes were so similar. I have stopped doing that and I'm not sure why!

So this week I've cut out and sewn two shirts and two pairs of drawers for Benjamin and Rose. It did go pretty fast and I'm happy with how they came out. They are almost exclusively sewn by machine so that helped speed up production, too. I used the Thistle and Lily Victoria Chemise pattern for the shirts, altering the neck a bit so I didn't need to slit the back and add a buttoned placket. The drawers are basic shapes of the period with two tucks on each leg.

I plan to redo Benjamin's petticoat into a bodiced petti since his corded stays are now too snug. Rose needs a petticoat as well. Then the dresses - blue plaid for Benjamin and a pretty pink on white print for Rose.



  1. Thank you, thank you, couple of questions, if I wanted to make the shirts to tie on, do the ties go in the back or the front? And are these shirts supposed to be close fitting on an infant or loose like in your pictures?? Thank you so much

    1. By ties, do you mean ties that go under the arms, holding down a flap portion that hangs from the neckline? (like earlier shirts, I'm thinking of the ones in Workwomans Guide). This particular shirt is made from the Thistle and Lily Victoria chemise pattern and fits fairly roomily. I would say the infant shirts in WWG are meant to fit much more closely, but for my babies I usually made this later style, since it fits them longer.


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