Sunday, May 22, 2016

New Sunbonnets!

Some of the first items done in the new sewing room! I've added two new bonnets to my Etsy shop this weekend and am really happy with the new design.

I made quite a few last summer and had a lot of great feedback. Some of the suggestions included making larger sizes available, making self fabric ties and a longer curtain. So, here are my first two attempts at incorporating those suggestions into a better sunbonnet.

The ones I made last year were extensively machine sewn. It enabled me to construct them more quickly and I was able to sell them for a fairly low price. Still, I always felt somewhat uncomfortable because I knew I could make a better bonnet if I took more time to do the hand finishing I omitted. Namely, seam finishes and hemming. So for these I took my time to do that and am far more happy with the finished result. These should last a very long time.

I also added a drawstring at the back neck. This makes the sizing very flexible but also will make ironing a lot more easy.

And more rows of cording. One cannot have too much cording.

My poor little styrofoam head is too small to properly display these. I need to make my own display head. That might be my next project. Besides, Benjamin has taken a large bite out of nose of our poor Styrofoam Lady and her countenance is unfortunately affected.



  1. What is it with toddlers and Styrofoam head? My son has chewed on mine several times!

  2. These bonnets are gorgeous! <3

  3. I've seen a few crocheted mannequin heads on ravelry -- I dug up two adult sizes if you're interested:

    The bonnet looks comfy.


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