Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Quick and Easy T-Shirt Dress

Anne will be 4 this summer and she has developed quite her own style and preferences when it comes to clothing. She pairs stripes, plaids and polka dots in a single outfit and God forbid I pick out what she wears - she has to do it all and she loudly objects to almost all of my suggestions about attire.

Right now she is going through a dresses-only stage. She clung to her long sleeved winter dresses as long as she could but eventually I had to pack them away and she was left with a few short sleeved dresses hanging in her closet, and a lot of cute, summery t-shirts that her grandma had bought her on various shopping trips.

She won't wear t shirts. So we are making them into dresses! There are a lot of great tutorials online for making this type of dress. Basically sew a skirt onto a t-shirt. For Anne's I used a full width of 45" fabric with a wide ruffle made of two 45" widths of fabric and sewed it to a t shirt I cut to the level of a high waistline.

It's loose, comfy and twirly, all things that Anne wants in a dress. She loves it! The fabric is an adorable print she picked out that depicts little girls from different areas of the world. We had to buy 2 yards of it since it was a closeout sale and there was a minimum cut, so Rose will be getting a similar dress.

Now to tackle the 15+ remaining shirts. . .


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