Friday, January 8, 2016

2015: A Sewing Review

It seems many of the costumers I follow have been posting their 2015 sewing project year in review, so I thought I'd do the same. I did not really make very much during 2015 but as I didn't plan to make anything besides the Vernet dress, I am happy with what I was able to do! I have more plans for this year but am still keep my expectations modest (or trying to. . .we will see how successful that will be!) Mainly I need to make an 1860's outfit for each of my children and I would like to remake my hoop skirt. Anything beyond that is for fun and not really useful for the living history we have planned.

So, a summary of what I did each month last year:


I made some items for customers, but nothing for "fun". I did make the pattern for this sunbonnet, though!


More customer sewing.


Almost no sewing.


First month in our new home! No sewing.


Back to customer sewing and I made a few little caps for baby Rose out of vintage handkerchiefs.


A drawstring regency dress:

And a Renn-Faire bodice:


I made my first apron-front regency gown this month! I have always been fascinated by this style but never actually made one til this year! I sold this one after I made it, but I did love it so. I can't wait to make another!

Anne also turned THREE years old! I made her a little doctor coat:

And a pink tutu:


This was the month of my 1860's corset. It seemed to take forever to make although looking back it didn't take that long. This was my first serious project in quite some time and I enjoyed making this so much. I still adore the finished product and hope it lasts me a long time!


Continuing with the 1860's theme, I made my striped 1860's dress and Rose's white baby gown:

Anne's Chemise, Drawers, Stays and Hoop Skirt:


Finishing up my regency items this month, I completed my stays, shift and petticoat:

Anne's Watermelon Dress!


Finishing up the Vernet items!




Plus a spencer, scarf and sash of silk satin. (Try saying that three times fast. . . )

And Anne's Thanksgiving dress!


I started my quilted hood. I didn't finish it til January, but it was begun in December!

And that's all, although I know I made some other items along the way that I did not bother taking pictures of or blogging about. What were they? I know I made Malachi some poke sacks for his woods excursions. I made a stroller cover for Anne's doll stroller. I made curtains. I mended jeans. (Boys are hard on their jeans. The knees in them last about 9.75 seconds. I now know this with sorrowful certainty.) I made Anne an adorable knit dress from a mans brown t shirt but she wore it out before I could blog it. It was so cute though!



  1. I think even if you hadn't had the complications in moving and having a baby you still have an enormously productive year! I haven't blogged in probably years, but still follow all these wonderful folks who share my odd interests and have duly noted their year end/beginning progression of productivity and I feel like a lazy bum. But I adore seeing what you all have made and it does inspire me to be more productive and not keep falling into the rabbit hole (internet) every darned evening and actually MAKE something. So I began a project journal last week and listed all my unfinished projects, and the new items I'd like to make. When triaging them and giving myself a bit of a weekly deadline schedule, I can see that I could have done much more last year than I did. You are very inspirational and I look forward to your posts.

    1. A project journal is such a great idea! It would help, so much, to have it all down in black and white. Your weekly goal list is a good idea too. I think sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of what I want to do/ have in progress and instead of doing manageable bits I sit down and give up. Thank you for your encouragement and kind words!

  2. Sarah, it's been a long time since I came here and I am so glad to see you and your family all looking so well and so grown up! I feel old remembering reading back when you had a family of little tots. Congratulations on the addition of Rose. It is good that you both ended up healthy. :)
    When I read what you said about boy's jeans, I said "SO TRUE!" aloud. *sigh* I am very curious: what is your method for repairing? I usually patch on the outside, hand stitching a piece of denim over the hole that overshoots it by an inch or so on each side. It is rather time consuming though, and then it seems I cannot sew it strong enough and the edges of the patch loosen from stress. I cannot think of a way to sew it by machine without splitting open the leg's side seam to lay it flat. Maybe it's worth doing that. I just feel like my patches only last 6 weeks or so and that is not enough. Can you share what you do?
    We are well here. I have 6 babies now, from Maria, almost 7, to Zita, 9 months. I do not blog anymore but I still enjoy checking other folks' blogs. :)

    1. Emily! It is awesome to hear from you. Malachi turns 7 on the 16th. I can't believe it has been that long since we had our babies. Congratulations on your new little one(s)! I heard you had twins but did not know about the newest one. I love her name.
      For jeans I patch from the inside. I don't know if this lasts longer than patching on the outside but its what my aunt's husbands mother did, so I copied her technique. The patch is sewn by hand to the inside of the jeans in heavy thread. It is quite a bit larger than the actual hole. Then the loose threads in the hole are clipped and the edges turned under and stitched down to the patch. Then the hole is further stabilized by stitching around the perimeter of it several times, to the patch. (I am not describing this well. Um, it kind of looks like rings, like ripples in water.)

      They go through pants so fast. Luckily holes are kinda fashion thing right now so if they are small and in okay places I can let them go a little bit. (although they seem to enjoy the sound that jeans make when they rip, so sometimes rip holes larger *on purpose* ugh!)

      I have no idea how to machine mend jeans either.

    2. Yes, I had twins. Tacy and Sam are 2 now and boy, 2 two-year-olds is no joke. I know, I can't believe Maria is almost 7.
      Thanks so much for taking the time to explain the way you patch! It was very helpful. I am going to do it your way next time. I thought about the inside, but I didn't know what to do with the frayed hole.


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