Friday, January 1, 2016

1814 Vernet Dress!

Have you all followed the daily release of the fabulous Vernet fashion plate recreations at their community facebook page? All through last month a new plate and it's recreation (or an in progress photo!) was shared. I know I was extremely inspired and motivated by seeing the beautiful dresses, bonnets, frock coats, and more that were labored over in secret for so many months.

My own plate was quite simple and over a month ago I had some pictures taken at a local historic spot. The building is about 20 years too modern for my outfit but the day was lovely and rather warm for late November!

So here is my finished outfit! But alas, not *quite* finished, as I still have boots in a half-finished state and a parasol to somehow make. Probably by modifying an existing one! So those two items will be forthcoming sometime this year.

For this ensemble I made chemise, stays, petticoat, gown, chemisette, spencer, scarf, sash and bonnet. The gloves were white that I dyed green, although they came out somewhat lighter than I wanted.

I am pleased with how everything came together although there will be some modifications I will make somewhere down the line to tailor the outfit more to my taste. I will address those in later posts!

Before concluding for now, though, I must just mention how much I adore the jacket! I found myself not wanting to take it off during fittings just because it was so warm and cozy. It doesn't look too bad with modern jeans, either! ;)

Happy New Year!



  1. Hello Sarah! Love your blog! Wish you Happy New Year! :)

  2. Firstly, Well done! I live its elegance and yet simplicity. Your collar! The pointy collar is amazing! Wow! I am inspired.

  3. It's beautiful, Sarah, and I bet it rewlly does look neat with jeans.

    will be interested to see what mods you make.
    Very best,

  4. This is such a beautiful ensemble and one of the most wearable from the Vernet series. Very well done!
    It was such fun working with you on the project and following your progress!


  5. Gorgeous! Hope you and your children are doing well! :)


Thank you for your lovely thoughts!