Saturday, November 8, 2014

Open Robe Progress

My very first open robe is nearly done! Amidst the extreme chaos that a two year old girl brings to a household (the boys have nothing, NOTHING, on their sister - I'm so glad I have just one girl) I've been able to find odd minutes here and there to work on it. (Did I mention Anne is a holy terror? She has pure and innocent motives in all she does, but MY GOODNESS.)

I decided to use the bodice lining as the front bodice for this robe. The 1790-1800 open robe in Costume in Detail is cut similarly. The bodice is lined in white linen.

The Costume in Detail robe closes with drawstrings at the center front. Once my channels are sewn I'll run tape strings through.

All that's left at this point is handwork. Basically - a crap load of hemming. Then I'll need to make a petticoat.

I had just enough scrap left to piece a long strip for a possible neckline ruching. Not sure yet if I will add it or not. The neckline is quite low, so a ruffle may help raise it up a bit. A neckerchief could work just as well. We will see.



  1. LOVE the colours! I rather like the low neckline, if filled in with a kerchief. What kind of petticoat will you have?

  2. Oh, you're giving me ideas! I'm making a bodiced petticoat / sleeveless dress right now, and an open robe could be another thing to go on top of it! So many thanks for the construction ddetails (as always, really - one of the reasons I like your blog).
    The colours looks rather funny agaist the colour of the dress form, but I'm sure it'll look stunning on you. They're lovely autumn colours.

  3. yesl colors are great, and flower print!

  4. Hahahaha!!! Your talking about your little girl caused me to chuckle!!! Anyhoo, your open robe looks so beautiful! Love the color of the fabric too! This will look so wonderful on you!

  5. This is beautiful. I have just been invited to a "regency" ball and have been endlessly trawling the internet and etsy for inspiration. I was going to adapt a modern pattern, but now I feel I NEED an open robe. How heavy is the fabric?


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