Saturday, November 22, 2014

A New Style of Winter Bonnet

I made a new style of bonnet this week, copied from a mid 19th century bonnet made in what looks like plaid silk. For mine, I used some plaid wool.

The brim was cut as a rectangle with shaped ends. I piped round the edges and lined it with pale yellow cotton. It is interlined with cotton batting and hand quilted along lines of the plaid. Simple, but effective.

The crown was pleated to fit, and a rectangular curtain hand gathered and whip stitched to the piped neckline edge.

I didn't quilt the crown and the curtain is lined only with cotton. No batting, as I feared that would make it too bulky.

And an inside shot:

I also made another bonnet using the winter hood pattern I made and posted years ago. This version is made in black velveteen and blue silk with trimming of purple velvet ribbon.

It's lined with black sateen and interlined with cotton batting.

I wasn't sure if I'd like the purple with the black and blue, but now that its done I quite like it!

I finished the 1860's dress this past week also. It will soon be on its way to its new home.



  1. Absolutely lovely work as always. Your bonnets are so beautiful and also functional. Of course, your hand work is perfect. Its great to see your work!!

  2. Your bonnets are a beauty to look at. Would you mind sharing your pattern source? I'm an 1812 interpreter and teach other reenactors to sew. This would be a good challenge for some of my students, as well as myself.

  3. Beautiful work! I really like that purple and blue winter hood.

  4. Those bonnets are so lovely That dress however-be still my beating heart! LOVE it!


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