Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Sacque and Petticoat of Purple, Pt. 4: Finished!

The sacque is done! I finished it late last night, per David's suggestion that I do indeed add the contrasting buttons down the front. I just cut some scraps of the trim material and gathered them around shell buttons to make the covered buttons. I had to use two layers of fabric to cover the buttons since the material is so very thin. Still, I think they came out pretty well and I do think they definitely add a finished dimension to the garment. (and help divert the eye from the faults in fitting, alas!)

The fabric I used for the trim is a very lightweight sage green cotton. I found it at the thrift store last year, two yards of it, and wasn't sure what to use it for. I think the color works well with the purply color of the main fabric. I was sorely tempted to do black trim but, well, I almost always do black trim so wanted something different for this. 

The trim was just sewn on with large uneven running stitches (short on the outside, long on the inside) so it can easily be removed and replaced if need be at some point in the future. 

So here is the finished sacque from the front. I must confess I am not as thrilled with it as I wish I was. I just feel huge and frumpy when I see pictures of how this thing looks from the front. I know it's partly the style of it, but still. Oh well. It is what it is. I think I'll always hate that subtle feeling of discontent, though. 

I like this view much better. Probably because the back is fitted with ties which means that at least from the back I don't look as huge. You can tell, a bit better, that yes, I *am* expecting a baby and that's why I need extra room in the front. ;)

And the side view: A lot of room for expansion, yet! On a slightly related subject, I do really hope Baby grows more; I am 24 weeks now and comparing photos of how big I am now (people still usually don't know I am pregnant unless I tell them) with how big I was with Malachi, or Judah or David at the same week of gestation is a bit unsettling. I have only gained about 5 lbs. so if you feel led to, please keep me and the wee girlie in your prayers. We go in on Tuesday for a medical sono to make sure she is growing and developing properly. As long as she is doing fine, I won't worry so much. One thing is for sure, this pregnancy has been vastly different so far than my pregnancies with the boys!

We tried to take some photos outside but it was simply too windy to get very many. Here is one that did come out to my liking:

And one more.



  1. I don't think you look frumpy at all, but I do know how you feel. When ever I wear things that aren't fitted, well, lets just say I don't like it. :P
    And I just have to say the last 2 pictures are so awesome! :)

  2. Love the last two photos! You two look so happy together.

  3. I think it looks nice. The sleeves are lovely. I do understand that you might feel like you're lost in it from the front, though.

    I will pray for your little Anne and you. I was tiny when I carried Vincent, much tinier than I was with the other two. I lost some weight in the beginning of the pregnancy, and didn't gain very fast in the end, so I only weighed 10 lbs more at Vincent's birth than I did at his conception. Try not to worry ( I know it's useless to say that-you'll worry because that is what mothers do). Please let us know what you see on your sonogram. I hope it is a happy healthy, just-the-right-size baby.

  4. The dress is lovely. The green vs black trim was the right choice.

    We'll be praying for you both. Be encouraged, though. I was VERY pregnant with my first, but could still fit into most of my regular clothes with my second at 34 weeks. The doctor said it was because he was curled up sideways with his face to my spine so most of his movements were directed internally. He was smaller than his sister, but only by 4 ounces.

    Looking forward to hearing a good report from the doctor's visit.

  5. The sacque and petticoat came out quite lovely. But then, you always do such lovely work my dear!

    I will be praying for you and the wee girlie. May the Lord's hand be upon you both.

    Lots of love,

  6. Thank you for sharing the progress on your Sacque & Petticoat! I love to see all the details. Very well done!!!


  7. Thanks for your kind words and for your prayers.

    I too hope to have a good report from the dr's/midwife office tomorrow after the sonogram. I had one done at 14 weeks, to date the pregnancy (which dated it, to a day, to the date I had already estimated myself, so Baby was on track at that point, anyway!) and the elective ultrasound I had done a few weeks ago to determine the gender. This will be the standard 2nd trimester ultrasound they always do to check for abnormalities. We've kept having to reschedule and the date has pushed farther and farther back so that has given me a few weeks to build up worry and stress about it. : /

    I am hopeful everything is okay; the top of the uterus is at where it should be at this point and the baby moves a lot - sometimes I can *see* movements on the outside of my tummy! - but it will be relieving to have it confirmed that, yes, the baby is growing even if I am personally not growing that much.

  8. Dear Sarah,
    It so good to learn that you and wee girlie are okay. Last night I had you both in my prayers. As for your sacque, you've done an amazing job. I think you look gorgeous expecting and wearing your sacque. You sew beautiful...


  9. All I can say is, "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

    Tracy L.

  10. Oh oh oh I think it is divine! You look amazing and so well put together. The colors are wonderful and even if you are not perfectly please with the fit of the sacque, we all think it is wonderful!
    I will send up a prayer for you two, but I imagine all is well.

  11. I think it's lovely! I love the color!

  12. So, so, so... I think this is awesome!! i'm about 15 weeks myself and there is a living history I'm going to memorial day weekend when I'll be uuummmm about 20 weeks ish by then. This is my first pregnancy so I have no idea how big I'll be, so I may just be able to slightly expand the waist on one of my dresses, or I'll need to do something like this. And now, I want to do something like this!!! 1.5 more weeks of school and I can let the sewing being! I have a girl's dress to make and some boy clothes, and then I can think about my wardrobe. Oh I can't wait! Thanks SO MUCH for the inspiration, this is perfect :)

  13. The last two pictures just melt my heart <3

  14. Miss Sarah, I keep meaning to point you at this, and I think I keep forgetting. I *think* this should work - I've saved off a bunch of pictures of historical maternity wear for our Dickens Fair folk, and stuffed them into an album. Please let me know if you can see these. :)

  15. I adore your outfit ! It's not frumpy AT ALL !
    I'm sending good thoughts your way for you and your little girl. I had a similar experience with our girl, and she was completely fine, I hope it will be the same for you !


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