Saturday, March 3, 2012

Vintage Baby Dress - Progress

The little dress from the vintage 1970's (maybe? I think? There is no copyright date on it) pattern is nearly complete. Keep a lookout for a giveaway post sometime next week! I have fallen in love with this style for a little girls dress. It reminds me of the illustrations in old childrens book from the 30's, 40's and 50's. For me it brings to mind images of a toddling baby picking flowers in a field of buttercups and daisies, or finding bright colored Easter eggs to put into her basket, or sitting on a blanket in a sunny spot with dollies and stuffed toys arranged around a tiny tea set.

A very old book, c. 1880's that I have, properly entitled Selections for Children, has this charming little poem in it that I thought I would share.

Little Brown Hands

Little brown hands! Ah! what in under the sun
Tells us so plainly of mischief and fun?
Always from morning to ev'ning so busy,
Tending the dolly or pulling the pussy.
Ready for dinner? Your little chair stands
Ready as you are, dear little brown hands!

Little brown hands that are pulling the flowers
Tended by mother for hours and hours
What will she say when she chances to see
Rosebuds all crumpled as these seem to be?
Darling, that merry smile nothing withstands - 
Pluck away, pluck away, little brown hands!

Little brown hands! How at grace they are crossed;
Grace said and over, how quick they are tossed!
Little brown hands that are busy all day,
Getting so healthful and tanned at their play;
Dearer than titles, or honors, or lands
Dearer than all things - little brown hands!

May all of our children have busy little brown hands! 



  1. That is just adorable!! I so love little girl stuff. And the poem is great.

  2. Small child looks very pretty. You share such cool baby dress. I like this pix as well as its baby dress design is very attractive.


  3. soo cute! Maybe you will get to use this dress....I guess you'll know soon :)


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