Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Captain's Steward

Well, here is what I have been working on the past few months! It's hard to believe it is finally over. It was a big project but one that was very fun and rewarding and seeing Blake in his new uniform was the icing on the cake. He makes a terrific steward.

He and David dressed up and we went outside to take a few pictures in the backyard.

They have been good friends for many years. It will be interesting to see how their friendship deepens and ripens with this new relationship in Civil War reenacting. Shiloh 150 will be Blake's first reenactment and let's hope he enjoys it!

I was really nervous about how the frock coat would come out. Frocks are tricksy things with all the layers you need to put into them. The shirt and trousers and waistcoat were pretty standard but I was able to have only one fitting session with Blake and that was when we draped the initial pattern for the frock. In between the draping and the setting of the sleeves (this afternoon) I didn't have a chance to fit him at all. I was so thankful that we were lucky enough to achieve a good fit despite the lack of fittings.

Blake has put so much time and effort into his impression already. He knows more about the stewards role during the 1860's than even David does. He plans to pick up his belt at the reenactment where he can personally try them on to find one that fits well.

I think it will be really fun to reenact with Blake and his lovely wife, Becky this year! The boys love him to death and he is truly like an uncle to them.

And though you have all seen the Captain's new frock coat before, I loved how this picture of him came out so had to include it. The flare of his skirts make me happy. I don't know why, but they do. :) His previous frocks have had pretty straight skirts but I wanted this one to be more flared and flirty and I made Blake's the same way. It doesn't sound manly to have a flirty skirt but seriously, dude, this looks cool.

I'll be seeing my dear Captain off early Wednesday morning. I feel a little prickle when I think of how so many wives saw their own husbands off to far away battlefields during the Civil War. Although David is going for a very different cause - this is a hobby after all - spending time getting his clothes ready, making him a goodie package to take along and mentally knowing that soon he will part from me has helped me to understand a bit better some of the emotions ladies of the 1860's must have felt for their own men as they prepared for them to leave home. Even though I won't be at Shiloh, I feel that I have definitely had some "magic moments" preparing for it.

Godspeed, my boys!



  1. Yes, the skirts do look cool. They look very nicely 19th century! Good job on both of them.

  2. Hello! I've been following your post since around winter of last year (still getting my blog up and running ;) ) I stumbled across your lovely blog while reserching corsets. but the world seems to be getting smaller, I have some friends that will also be going to the Shiloh event! :) Maybe one day I'll get to meet you at one of these re-enacments ;)
    Keep up the awesome blogging!
    God bless

  3. Such lovely work! They both look great, Sarah.

    I wish you were going to Shiloh, though, because that's only an hour or so from where I live and it would have been fun to drive down and meet you!

  4. They look amazing! You did a fantastic job once again! So sharp looking! Hope Shiloh turns out well!


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