Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Good-Bye, Coat!

For the last month or so my half of the office has been companionably inhabited by an 1860's federal officers frock coat, as well as an 1860's federal officers shell jacket. In various stages of completion, they had become a fixture of sorts in my sewing space. Kind of like headless, silent, saintly spirits of inspiration. Ghosts from the past. While I worked on my 1930's bra, they quietly watched over me. While I made my 1780's dress in a hectic flurry of activity, their patient presence wafted perfumes of quietude into the fray of shears, thread, and tiny bobbins winding furiously on my machine. They have become - friends.
A shell jacket fit for a Major! ;) 

This morning, however, their places are empty. David's frock coat has been locked up in his "reenacting closet" where he keeps his uniforms and accessories and the shell jacket has gone to its long awaited home with Major Ron. Both coats will make their debut this weekend and I have fond hopes of getting a photograph of David and Ron together, wearing them.
Two of fourteen buttons and buttonholes on the front of Major Ron's shell jacket

It is kind of bittersweet to come to the end of an interesting sewing project. I may gripe about making frock coats. I hate putting in tail pockets. The quilting - especially the quilting I did on these coats - takes forever. There are so many aspects of 1860's tailoring that are just not easy. But underneath my annoyance, I think I really enjoy the challenges. I think as I get through each one and see the project come together, bit by bit, I get a costumers high.
The quilting David convinced me to attempt in his new frock coat, and which, of course, Major Ron's needed as well

So, good-bye coats! I will miss your pleasant visage when I look up from whatever project I am currently obsessing over but I look forward to seeing you both in use, in the field, during the parade, in the ball-room, on two very fine looking gentlemen of my acquaintance.
An in-progress shot of David's coat, from about a month ago



  1. The coat looks very smart.
    I have to admit a weakness for velvet jackets/frock coats.

  2. This is very beautifully done! I love the quilting on the inside - it reminds me of one picture in the book "Fashioning Fashion".
    Amazing work!



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