Friday, November 11, 2011

A Bigger Tunic for Judah

This Sunday I our 1860's medical reenacting unit has been invited to a demonstration at a local historic site. I was asked to give a talk on ladies 1860's fashions - a first for me! - and have been busy getting things together for that. However, one other important thing was a new tunic for Judah. After our last reenactment I was mortified to see how short and skimpy his clothes looked. He has grown a lot over the summer.
The back bodice is pieced about 2" above the waistband, all the way across

The pattern I use for the boys tunics has been one that has morphed into existence from the first little bodice pattern I drafted for David's first baby gown, nearly five years ago:
Little boys DID wear pink! :D

As the boys got bigger, I just added length and width as needed. ;) This week, we sized up the 4T pattern for their tunics into a 5T. To do that, I just had Judah put on his old tunics and marked where he needed width and length added and how much! No rocket science here.
Playing with the wheel on the horse Daddy made him

To test out the new pattern I cut down a thrifted shirt. It was a plain, button up style shirt I got during one of those infamous fill-a-bag-for-$1 sales. Due to the size of the shirt (medium) and the size of Judah, I had to end up piecing some of the tunic. It is pieced in five spots, which makes me feel kind of chintzy and cheap. : / But, it works, he has a tunic, and piecing is a period correct practice!

I used some blue cotton twill tape for simple trim. Judah agreed to pose for a few pictures, although after a few minutes he grew weary of the pursuit.

The waist is a little low, but that is on purpose, as I hope he gets a lot of wear out of this. It seems my boys do a lot more growing lengthwise than widthwise. The sleeves are slightly belled open sleeves that he can wear as is in the summer and with a white undershirt / bodice / waist in the cooler months.



  1. It looks great! I love the stripes, and you did such a good job piecing the fabric that I can't see it at all! My siblings and I always did a lot more growing lengthwise than widthwise as well.

  2. You are like the piecing queen. I can never see it.

    Judah looks very handsome.


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