Friday, December 3, 2010

I Finished My Coat!

After lunch today, the boys decided to all three nap at once in the living room. Judah was the last to succumb to sleepiness and his little yellow head with his bright blue eyes peered silently at me as I sat on the couch opposite him and stitched away at six buttonholes to finish up my winter coat. The white lights on the Christmas tree sparkled, Malachi sighed in his sleep and shifted position. David was curled up next to me in a corner of the couch, a pillow on his legs for a blanket.

I battled with silk buttonhole twist, wax, and a very shifty area of moleskin and fleece. But, at last, it was done. My coat is finished! Yay! And just in time. Tomorrow we are supposed to get our first substantial snowfall of the year. And I will be ready for it! Hmm. I must make some peanut butter blossoms later this afternoon so we will have something nice and homey and chocolatey and peanut-buttery to eat while the snow flies outside.

I'm really rather happy with how my coat came out! David says it reminds him of an 1860's generals frock coat, reenactor-style. Reenactor style because the cuffs and collars are black velvet, while military regs of the 60's called for dark blue velvet. But most renactors just use black.

I was very bad this week and started a new sewing project before I got this one finished. I know! But it was an impulse thing. Here is a sneak peek of it; a 1930's/1940's style silky print blouse. I'm not much of a blouse person and I'm not very experienced at making blouses but I thought I'd give the pattern a whirl and I had the perfect fabric on hand to try it out in. (Thanks Jackie!!) It needs buttons and a hem and I need to sew the tucks down at the waist.

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. Your coat is fabulous! WOW! Seriously gorgeous!

  2. Wonderful job! An inspiration, as always, Sarah!

  3. What are peanut butter blossems???? Oh, and I do like the coat. Definetly not something off the rack - much more special!

  4. That is a lovely coat, and it fits you beautifully!


  5. Great job on the coat! I had a hard enough time tackling Keith's frock coat -- I don't have the patience to try another coat again anytime soon. :) So kudos to you! It looks great on you and I really like the style.

    Much love,

  6. The coat is absolutely gorgeous, and the color is lovely on you. I think it looks more late Edwardian, like something Rose wore in the Titanic movie. Very pretty and romantic! (I think a matching black muff would be cute with it too....)

  7. Thanks ladies! Happy Hatter, I love the idea of a black muff!! I have some velvet left. . .hmm. :) Thanks for the idea!

    Diane, peanut butter blossoms are a name for those delightful holiday cookies that are made of peanut butter cookie dough, rolled into balls and coated in sugar, baked a few minutes til they are *just* beginning to brown, and then taken out of the oven and topped with a chocolate hershey's kiss. They are one of our favorite kinds! I made 3 dozen last night so we are set for today, I think.

  8. Great job! That is such a classic style. I had a similar teal wool coat with black velvet trim when I was a girl. My mom let me choose the color. I also had a black muff to go with it. :)

  9. Love it! The blouse looks gorgeous too :-)

  10. Beautiful coat -- I am envious of your ability to seemingly pull it, design, fabric scraps, and all, from thin air!

    This may sound strange, but it comes to me every time I see your pictures on your blog, so I thought I'd tell you.. You look a whole lot like Emily Blunt (my favorite of her roles being the "Young Queen Victoria"). I guess it's in your facial features, but I see it a lot, especially in the picture of your full coat in this post.

    Anyway, sorry if that's a little odd, but happy new year and new coat :)


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