Friday, November 20, 2009

David's Overalls

Due to David coming down with a sore throat, which, the doctor said, is probably strep, he has been home for the past two days to rest and recuperate. I seized the opportunity to take some pictures of him in his new overalls. By the time he gets home from work on weekdays it is far too dark to take any pictures outside and on Sundays we are usually occupied with something else. So, today, at last, I have some pictures to share!

Beware. These pictures may Shock and Awe you. For - yes - David has shaved his beard.
It was, he said, my fault. I cut his hair for him last Saturday and he asked me to trim his beard. Once I was done he said that his beard appeared to be shorter on one side than the other. I looked. It was indeed a little shorter. About 1/16" shorter. So, he surmised, the only possible thing for him to do was to shave it all off and start over with it. I begged. I pleaded. I got on my knees. I really did. It was of no use. The bathroom door was firmly shut and a few moments later I heard the sounds of scissors; the sound of David's beard being butchered. A half hour later he reappeared and the bathroom floor was littered with hair. I wouldn't kiss him for a long time. I had to get used to it. I felt that I had a different man in place of my husband. I am now finally starting to get used to it but his beard is already starting to come back in a stubbly, prickly shadow. Little David now checks his chin every day to see if he is getting a beard, himself.

And now that I have firmly got off topic on a nicely developed rabbit trail, I will return to the main topic of this post, which is Overalls. With them David has finally found a use for the scarf I made him a few years ago. Although he thinks the color scheme is a tad Christmasy. With his trouser legs tucked into his tall black boots I think he just looks nice and old fashioned. Although he will be improved in looks once his beard is back in.




  1. I love the overalls! Give him an axe and blanket the landscape with snow, and it would look like a Currier and Ives print! :-) Lovely work, as always!


  2. I think it is funny that you like beards so much. I do not like them at all. I will not let Anthony grow one, though he would like to simply because he is too lazy to shave. David looks very nice without his beard, but of course however you like him best is how he should be. The overalls fit him so well! I have never made men's clothes and am a little scared of trying. You do it so well, though, maybe I shall bye-and-bye. I like the look he gets with the boots, cap and scarf.

  3. Sarah, you are so funny! I love reading your posts. I really need to post more on my blog but i have been so busy lately :)

    What pattern did you use for the over alls? I have this feeling that my dad would love some. My list of things for him just keeps getting longer and longer :)

    Did you make his scarf? I have been meaning to knit my dad one for a while but I am not sure what stitch to use or how long/wide to make it ect.

    Thank you!


  4. True confessions: sometimes, IF I make an error with the shears, I start to giggle, a very-difficult-to-repress giggle. I know it's silly, but I can't help it! Even now, at the thought of making a mistake, I laugh. My 16 year old is very forgiving, though he watches my every snip :)

  5. Wow, I think it's interesting that you like bears so much. I can't stand them, I won't let Aaron grow his facial hair out. I love the overalls, by the way, very nice. David looks nice without a beard.

  6. Oh dear, with you ladies vocalizing your beliefs that David looks better without a beard I'm afraid he will be influenced. :) He reads all my comments since they come to our email inbox. My mom is the same way, she doesn't like beards and won't let my Dad grow one (although he did once for a 10 day period while my mom was away for vacation with my brother - he looked SOOOO good!)

    Bethany, I just adapted Davids regular trouser pattern for the overalls. I have a dress diary (overall diary??) about it on my Historical Clothing blog, but basically I just added a seperate apron front and raised the back waistline a tad and added straps. Instead of pockets at the sides, I put in short plackets and moved the pockets to the upper left breast and two lower waist pockets as welt pockets.

    The scarf was knitted using white wool yarn which I then dyed red. I made alternating bands of plain knit and knit/purl to create a pattern. I just eyeballed it and the length; it could have been a little longer. Then I knotted fringe to the ends with what yarn was left. Very basic and simple since I am NOT an advanced knitter at all.

  7. I have to admit, I thought the picture was of a much younger David! What a difference.

    I LOVE beards(my dad has had one off and on for years), but Dan can't wear one because of work :-( His sister and mother hate them and I think they think I am crazy. David, if you're reading this ;-) Do grow the beard back...your wife will appreciate it so very much I'm sure. And you look quite dashing with it.

    The overalls are great too!

    My, I think I was a bit forgive me Sarah :-)

    Lots of love,

  8. Love the overalls! I just purchased the Past Patterns overalls pattern to make some for my husband. I bought a nice striped denim and can't wait to make them up.

    I am not a fan of beards either, but to each their own. My husband had a goatee for a long time and I never wanted him to shave it off. One day, he just decided to and shaved it off in stages, coming out of the bathroom to show me various "styles" We giggled like crazy when he just had a mustach!! It was so strange to see him without facial hair, but I soon got used to it and he hasn't grown anything but some extended stubble after a weekend of reeancting since!

    Enjoy the variety of a beardless husband and who may grow on you, too!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. I think you are in a win win situation David lookd handsome both ways. I received your e-mail the other day and responded. I wonder if you got it, I asked for you new addy could you send it to me?
    wishing you and yours a blessed thanksgiving

  10. Thanks, Sarah! I keep forgeting to check your dress diaries!


  11. I'm with you Sarah - I love beards! I like my husband without one too, but it's always strange when he goes to shave it off. Thankfully, his facial hair grows pretty quickly!

  12. I love the overalls, I really need to make Mr. G a pair. I think David looks a lot younger without his beard, and I do like him better without it, but that is neither here nor there as I'm not married to him! ;-) I think I'm just not used to a full beard, my Dad never had one and Mr. G can't grow one (he has extensive skin grafts on his face).


  13. Did you create the hat as well? Which pattern did you use? My husband desires a hat just like it. :-)


  14. Anna, yes, I did make the hat. It was a first attempt at a mechanics style hat. The brim isn't really "right" for the 1860's but David likes it anyway, for everyday use.

    The pattern is a circle for the top, four wedge-shaped segments for the lower crown, a band for around the head and the brim. It was very easy to make. I have the pattern pieces still and could probably scan them if you'd be interested in an email copy.


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