Saturday, November 14, 2009

1790's Transitional Stays Finished Photos

I am finally getting some pictures of my 1790's Transitional Stays. I have had these done for about a week but failed to wear them thus far because I was too lazy to put in a lace.
I love these. Out of the corsets/stays I have, I think these are my favorite by far. They are insanely comfortable. The back is quite heavily boned and the front boned only at the center front which seemed a bit backwards to me at first, but I really love the great back support and the gathered cups give enough support to the front without additional boning. These are meant to be a little short waisted, but they really do end at just about my waist level. They do not reduce my waist at all which really adds to the comfort level. Nothing is tight, actually. . .just supported.

I used cross lacing instead of spiral lacing just because I find it easier to do when I have to lace something up myself.
I really didn't think gathered cups would offer much support. And, compared to more heavily boned and structured corsets, they do seem flimsy. But I was pleasantly suprised with how well they have worked. I have been wearing them today for the past 8 hours or so and they still seem to be fine.

What is great about these stays is that while they work well for my drawstring gowns, they also work perfectly with my 1820's dress from last year, which I am wearing today. Past Patterns has a similar pattern which is dated 1790-1820. PP usually has fantastic documentation with their patterns so I'm sure their dates are right, which means I can wear these with my early 20's dresses and not feel farbatrocious.
I hated binding the tabs at the bottom but it was worth it, I think!




  1. They look great, Sarah! Wonderful job!

    I like the look they give; I might have to consider buying that pattern too! :-P

  2. Beautifully done! I really would like to try my hand at making a corset or some stays as I really would like a more authentic look with my dresses. You did a fantastic job! Where did you get your pattern for the stays? Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. I love your stays, they're beautiful! I'm still hoping to make a pair like that someday. ;)

  4. Does the lacing add bulk, and are the stays primarily for historic dressing? You look lovely~

  5. Once again, excellent work. I could see those over a cami for modern-day wear. Thanks for sharing!

  6. As always, you look fantastic! So completely "at home" in your new clothes. Great job!

  7. They look fantastic. I am really impressed that they turned out so well for being a pattern you made. You are really talented.

    I have some of that fabric in my stash, I think, but just a little, for Maria...funny how Wal*Mart's fabric follows you wherever you go. :P

  8. Kathy, the lacing doesn't really add bulk but serves to close the corset in the front and yes, these are for historic dressing. :) I think these are the last stays I'll be making for a while though, I just need a break from it all. My next ones will be 1770's style but I'm not ready to plunge into this era quite yet since I have NOTHING from it at all, clothing wise.

    Heehee Emily that is too funny. David got me this fabric at Wal Mart last year. I fell in love with it at first sight and it was originally meant to be an 1860's style dress but I was VERY pregnant with Malachi last year at this time and needed something with a higher waist so did it up 1820's style. Wal Mart yields some great finds at times. I just got 10 yards of a beautiful sheer voile, pale blue with a sparse viney, flowery design in darker blue and yellow over the weekend at Wal Mart for $2/yard. Half of it is for a friend of mine and half for me. Wal Mart and Red Tag sections at Jo Anns are my best friends. :)

  9. Sarah, I just LOVE the Red Tag fabrics at Joann's as well, especially when they are 1/2 price! I used to buy fabric at Wal Mart but now the one nearest us closed their fabric section so I can't just run over and browse after picking up milk anymore. :( I think I want some of your voile!!!
    Your stays look great! I know you must have put a lot of work into them. My girls say that stays are comfortable and that I need to make some and a Regency dress.....hmm, I think I would just look pregnant!

  10. Most of our Wal Marts have shut down their fabric sections also, but when we moved I was thrilled to discover we seem to be situated between two Wal Marts who still have fabric and I'm really loving the closer Wal Mart right now. . .they've had some incredible deals lately.

    Regency gowns *can* tend to make one look pregnant. What about a romantic style gown? Those give me more of a defined waist and the full skirts minimize my post-baby "pooch" :).

  11. After my trip to JA festival in Bath...looking back at pictures I think I need some proper stays. I did have a go at wrap stays but didn't like the feeling of the way everything sat with gussets.
    Started looking at this pattern. Do you think chording could replace the boning and it still work?


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