Thursday, April 10, 2008


Another very rainy, windy day. I had a visitor this morning and the young lady who comes over each Thursday for guitar lessons didn’t come this afternoon so I used that time to work on my projects a little.

First, I got the drawers done. The worst part was picking out the seams. I really hate picking out seams! It seems like you are taking a step backward, but at least the finished product looks better! Two pairs down, two to go.

Then I replaced several tapes on my cage. I have the 108” cage from Kay Gnagney’s kit but after a few years (this year will be my 4th season wearing this cage) the tapes are raveling and coming apart. I made new tapes out of strips of muslin on the straight grain, with the raw edges folded towards the center of the strip. The strip was doubled and stitched together, creating little pockets in which the individual hoops rest. The hoops were sewn to the pockets to prevent shifting. Two tapes down, seven to go.

Then I cut out the bodices and skirts for the babies new dresses. I decided to make the usual gathered bodice and the sleeves are rounded at the hem to make a flutter-type sleeve. I meant to copy this sleeve style from an original dress, but failed to look again at the pictures before I cut out the sleeve. I realize now the hem shouldn’t be circular but cut straight. At least, that’s what the picture of the original looks like to me. Oh well. It’s too late to go back and redo the sleeves now. They will just have to wear them that way. On these dresses I am putting the extra bodice length in the waistband so I don’t need to make tucks in the bodice. The skirts will have a deep hem and ½” tucks. Hopefully I’ll get the bodices finished tonight and the skirts and fasteners done tomorrow. I know I should have done the gathers by hand but I didn't. :( I just don't have the time. Alas.


  1. The dresses are coming along nicely, really like the color. Hope little David stops his screaming fits, they are no fun for you and hopefully not for him. Praying for you and little David.
    Faith G.

  2. What a day :-( It sounds like little David is in the throws of the terrible two's. The dresses are coming along very nicely :-) I pray that God will give you strength and wisdom through the terrible two's stage. Talk to you soon.



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