Monday, December 23, 2019


No new sewn Christmas dresses this year; it crept up on us far too quickly and there wasn't time for planning of pretty new frocks or carefully coordinated outfits and posed pictures. And that is ok.

Instead, we put on whatever red or greenish clothes we had and I took the kids out to a mound site near here, and they agreed to allow a few pictures before going down to the creek to look for arrowheads, pretty shells and rocks and get dirty and wet, in general. Since it nearly reached 60 degrees today, that is also ok. 😁

It is always a bit bittersweet to take pictures of the kids and to realize how quickly they are growing up. My oldest is now a teenager and baby Rose will go to kindergarten next summer. How thankful I am for moments like these, to always keep in memory. I love my sweet ones.

Have a wonderful Christmas! I love you all.


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