Monday, May 27, 2019

Sundress Season

'Tis the season for sundresses, once again. And yay! Because sundresses are awesome. I made this little blue rose printed cotton sundress for Rosie a few weeks ago when it became apparent that she has significantly shot up since last summer and all her dresses from last year are too short!
Grandma moved out to be near to us at the end of last year and while helping unpack some of her boxes, Rose came across this material that she immediately wanted. Grandma gave it to her and I made it into this dress one afternoon when it was really hot and Rosie really wanted a "noodle strap dress" (spaghetti strap 😂).
I didn't have a pattern but this style is so simple a few measurements sufficed. Two panels for a skirt, a little bib for the front and two "noodle straps" that thread through loops at the center back to tie to fit. The back is fit with elastic so the dress is an easy on, easy off style.
I edged the straps with almost the last of my tulip trim and made a pocket for the front edged with the same trim. The dress is completely machine sewn as one of my goals this year is to make more professional looking machine sewn garments. This little sundress is definitely not a professional garment but I think it is sturdy and got me more comfortable with machining areas I usually do by hand (like finishing elastic casings).
Rosie wears this dress all the time and with the design I think it will fit for a while! I have a big length of fabric I am contemplating making into matching dresses for me and both girls, in this style. Another of my goals for this year is to make and wear more clothes that do not require wearing a bra 😂 since as I get older I definitely prefer the comfort of not wearing one. And this style fits the bill exactly.
I hope you had a blessed Memorial Day, remembering those who died for the freedoms we enjoy. May we continue the work they gave their all for and not rest while any person or group of people still exist in oppression.
Much love,

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