Friday, April 19, 2019

New Blog!

The new blog is up, and you can find it here, at You know, it was very difficult thinking of a name for the new one. I remember when I started this blog, 12 years ago, Romantic History was meant to just be a placeholder name until I could think of something better. I never did change it, and now it's rather too late to do so (although I do regret now the insinuation of a romanticized, whitewashed history, when real history is absolutely anything but).

Anyway, you all are invited to follow along at the new blog if you so desire. I am actually pretty happy to have an outlet to post more about life and the photos I like to take. I have Instragram and Facebook but a picture and short caption are sometimes not very satisfactory to me. It is nice to have a place where I can expand on my Instagram and Facebook posts just a bit more, for me to look back on later.

The lovely April moon a few days ago - almost full!

Have a blessed Good Friday, as well as a happy Pink Moon. Today is drizzly and cold but we are still looking forward to going to our drum circle gathering this evening as long as the weather permits!

Much love,


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