Monday, January 16, 2017

1860's Mantles

Here is a basic illustration of how to make a simple mantle. I used these instructions to create the  mantle pictured below, which was made with a lining and a flounce. Following are some examples of original mantles. These are wonderful, versatile garments that are easy to make, wear and care for. 

1850's Silk Mantle from the Met
1850's Silk Mantle from the Met
1857-1860 Mantle from the Met
1840-1860 Fringed Silk Mantle from Tasha Tudor Auction
1830-1860 Fringed Silk Mantle from Tasha Tudor Auction
1860's fringed silk mantle with quilted lining from Bustle Dress
1850-1890 fringed silk mantle from Augusta Auctions

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