Thursday, July 14, 2016

Finished Regency Stays and White Vernet Dress

As I was organizing my sewing room today I came across my regency stays and realized I hadn't even tried them on since getting the laces for them. I've been so busy with 1860's things I guess I kinda forgot about them! So I decided to try them on and see how they fit before putting them away. Hopefully at the end of this month I'll have an occasion to wear them - depends on how much sewing I can get done between now and then. If all else fails, I can at least wear the white dress for a day trip to the event and the babies have their boone frocks. The older kids will be gone at camp so they won't need outfits this time.

First of all, I LOVE THESE! The few little subtle changes made to the pattern really helped make these a lot more comfortable than the last version. It's so weird that in a corset the difference of a half inch here, a quarter inch there can really affect the fit and overall look.

The busk is a perfect length and width and the cups are just right. Rose is still nursing but only once or twice a day now so I feel comfortable in thinking that these ought to still fit when she is weaned. The other adjustment was the shoulder straps. I moved them over towards the center back to help them not fall off the shoulder and that seemed to help tremendously.

I'm very pleased with the silhouette. The "divorced" look to the bosom is exactly what I wanted. Finally! Success in that area. The back lacing gap is fairly wide but I'd much rather it be a bit wide than too narrow. When the gap is too small I get really bad back discomfort after a while.

I tried on my dress over the stays to see how it fits. I haven't really had much experience with this dress yet. For the Vernet project I made it during a cold autumn and wore a jacket over it and since then it has been hanging in the back of the closet. Upon getting it out again and examining it I really do like it.

When I think back upon the construction of it my memories are a mass of endless tucks. This one had a lot of tucks! And I think I had problems with not having enough material for sleeves, so I had to piece them in two places.

This is one of the few garments I've made that is entirely handsewn. I'm surprised by how sturdy it seems when worn.

The red glass beads are from the trade faire we were at earlier this year. I thought they were pretty. :)

So, that is that. The stays are done. And hopefully tomorrow I will be on to my next corset adventure when the busk for my 1860's corset arrives. I got dozens of zip ties from Harbor Freight yesterday so I'm prepared.



  1. The "Division" looks really good, congratulations on these stays!
    I love the summery look of the dress without the spencer and scarf, it's such a change from the more "English" look of the full outfit!

    1. Thank you! I like the summery feel of the dress, too. The more I wear it and think about it the more I want to make all kinds of accessories to go with it and change the look for different types of dress. Im trying to convince myself I do not need an open robe to go over it, but I think I may end up making one. . .my only fear when wearing this dress is that it will get filthy (since I still have a babe-in-arms) and garments that will cover it up while still allowing the dress to show somewhat seem like a good idea at this point in time.

  2. I love them! I've put my own Regency stays on hold, but you may have inspired me to get moving! I noticed that your dress is unlined; when wearing an unlined dress, do you wear a bodiced petticoat or not? What is the alternative to a bodiced petticoat?

    1. Yes! I do wear a bodiced petticoat with this dress since it is completely unlined. I haven't researched what ladies may have worn as an alternative to a bodiced petticoat with an unlined dress. I know petticoats that did not have a bodice, but shoulder straps to hold them up to the level of the high waist were worn but I don't know if these would have been worn with unlined dresses or not.


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