Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Working on Anne's Easter Dress

. . .and trying to convince myself that it's okay to not do stroked gathers at the waist. I want to, but realistically I do not have time to do them before Sunday.

I wanted to make Anne a frilly and fluffy 1950's style dress for Easter and bought yards and yards of pink netting for a fluffy petticoat. However, she begged me instead to make her a dress to wear over her hoopskirt and she picked out some delicate pink fabric and we got to work.

The fabric is a very sheer and lightweight cotton that I got almost 5 years ago, before Anne was even thought of. It was originally meant to become a regency gown but, as often happens, plans change. It's not quite correct for the 1860's as the print is not as regular as it should be. It is, however, certainly a double pink and Anne is all about pink!

We looked through many cdv images and Anne was very specific in the style she wanted. A "big neck" (she hates "chokey" necklines) and "plain long sleeves" and "a big skirt". I wanted to do short sleeves but she would have none of it. So, long it is!

So far we have the bodice sewed together and the skirt hem and tucks done. Now I need to do all the hand finishing of the bodice and then attach the skirt to the waist. Then attach fasteners.

Luckily, Rose is of a perfect size to fit into Anne's Easter dress from 3 Easters ago, so I do not need to make her a new gown. She looks just as cute as Anne did!
It needs a good pressing, but it fits!
Sweet Baby Anne 3 years ago!

Hopefully we will get this done in time for Easter!


  1. Will you all be dressed historically for Easter? Looking forward to seeing all of your children in whatever picture you take on Sunday!

  2. Awe! I love your work. That pink dress is super sweet!

  3. Can't wait to see Anne all dressed up in her Easter Sunday best! I'm with Anne on the simple long sleeves. She's a girl with a 'less is more' attitude and that perfectly suits her gorgeous face. Little Rose is standing! She is growing up fast and looks wonderful in Anne's green frock. Your babies are all beautiful and all share those amazing blue eyes and expressive faces.

  4. Anne knows EXACTLY what she wants in a dress! That's adorable, and her new frock will be lovely. Rose is precious. It's so odd to see a new baby in the older baby's dress!


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