Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Yet Another Petticoat Post

Yeah, I know, I know. Another undergarment post? Really? Well, yes. It's what I am working on right now and as unexciting as these garments can be, I have to get them out of the way before any outer garments will look right. It's all about the foundation! Without the proper underthings nothing that is visible in the final outfit will look right. I'm getting kinda sick of white sewing but I'm nearing the end of it. In fact, if I have time tomorrow, I can get started on this months Historical Sew Monthly challenge. (A yellow and black plaid dress! And a purple print dress!)

Benjamins petticoat is very much like Anne's, except shorter. It's all of 13" long and has 4 tucks and a wide hem. Although I could let the tucks out as he gets taller I don't think I will, since once he outgrows it Rose will be large enough to fit it.

The older boys were very accustomed to wearing petticoats and gowns by the time they were Benjamins age. He, however, has not experienced going to as many living histories or reenactments and the feel of wearing a dress throws him off a little. It is so funny to see the slightly confused look on his face when he's in skirts.

After a few minutes, though, he was off running around and getting into things as usual! He is a very naughty boy sometimes and very quiet about what he does. His intelligence amazes me - he is extremely cunning. More so than his brothers seemed to be at his age; but then, he has four older siblings to learn from and the older boys did not have that.

Anne's old stays work quite well for him although if he grows much larger around the middle I won't be able to button them shut. I'm  hoping he will at least still fit into them for an event in May; after that, I can make new for him if need be.

 I think for his dress I will go with a short yoke and pleated lower bodice, with a bias band on the skirt for trim. Short sleeves, I think. I haven't decided for sure yet. It's fun to have a little guy in dresses again!


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  1. I wish boys still wore dresses! So adorable!!

    You have a lovely blog, I am enjoying looking back through your posts. You are very clever :)

    Kind regards, Amy


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