Saturday, November 14, 2015

Little Helper

After finishing my dress, a certain small boy decided to decorate it with a red popsicle. While the resulting bright pink splotches were delightfully artistic to his eyes, they caused a bit of a panic in the heart of his mama. Thankfully the spots washed out with much rinsing and the rest of the popsicles were urged upon the willing palates of his older siblings.

I wanted to photograph the gown today but Benjamin had to photo bomb each one. 

He pointed a pencil at it and muttered what creepily sounded like the killing curse. 

Look Mommy! Tent!

Then he got down to business by draping the tape measurer around his neck and carefully inserting a pin into the middle of the skirt. 

Now I am working on stitching straw braid and he is helping with that, too. This time I made sure his snack is of a benign nature. He can't do much damage with animal crackers. 

Can he?


  1. Hahahahaha!! This is hilarious and reminds me of my boys when they were Benjamin's age! It is always so interesting to me what they pick up and from where. What a little daring you have there!

  2. Bless him; he's a cutie. That's why I only gave my little ones WHITE chocolate when they were small! Glad the dress is now de-popsicled (nice word that!). How does the dress fasten at the back waist? It's look great.

  3. Your dress looks already wonderful!



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