Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Faire Garb

For Faire this year Peter and I volunteered to help. It was out first year to do so and I'm very glad we did. After a few years going to spectate, it is nice to get involved in the mechanisms of the event a bit. It gives you an entirely different perspective and makes you appreciate the sheer amount of work it takes to put an event on.

Our job was to stand near the park entrance and ask people how they heard about the faire to aid the event in advertisement for next year. This was a lot of fun and more often than not we found ourselves chatting with people for several minutes. We talked with hundreds of people and made some new friends.

This year I decided to just wear what I felt like wearing since the faire is not very authenticity minded. I wanted a chance to wear the 18th century stays I made last fall so this was a perfect opportunity!

I paired it with my linen medieval shift, a few petticoats with the top layers pinned up, a pouch, and a "pirate" style head scarf.

It was a cool and comfortable outfit to wear and I was surprised to receive so many compliments on it. I did feel very guilty about not portraying a specific era, but, it was all good. And a great delight to finally wear my stays!

The event seems to be getting bigger every year. I'm very glad, as I saw and heard first hand today just how special it is to so many people, young and old alike.

Peter did wear sunglasses, alas. But he kept them hidden beneath his hat most of the day.

Properly exhausted now. At the end if a day it is a priceless luxury to curl up in bed with a very fat sleeping baby. (He is over 12 pounds already!) Love my little man.

Happy summer to you all!



  1. Oh the babe is getting so big! You look great.

  2. Wonderful Faire garb!!! I'm happy you are sewing and posting again! Yeah!!!!!

  3. A month behind in my feed reader as usual, but stopping by to say - you seem freer and happier, more at ease. I'm glad for you! You all look grand :)


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