Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Finished Woolen Medieval Tunics

I took a bunch of photos at the Faire this past weekend and will hopefully get the chance to share some later this week. For now, here are two of my favorite pictures from the day! I was able to finish the boys' new medieval gowns just in time. I didn't have time to finish the seams of little David's tunic but I will do that before I put these away to store for our next event. I will do a post about their construction later (and I took step by step photos for a mini-tutorial of sorts) but for now, this is what they look like! Since the weather was so hot I decided to make their wool gowns with shorter, looser sleeves so that later in the fall they can wear them as surcotes over a more fitted, long-sleeved tunic.

I was afraid the baby would get too hot in Malachi's old yellow wool gown (it's pretty much felted, since I had to wash it after Malachi first wore it and dumped stew all down the front!) so the day before the Faire I made her a very quick and simple linen cote. I know linen as outerwear is not the most authentic choice, but it got her by without her getting heat rash and she can use it as a modern top as well since I know it will not fit her long. I dyed it pale pink to contrast with her white linen shirt underneath.

My wool kirtle needs to be seriously addressed before our next event. It may be time to replace it, though I can't bear the thought of just retiring it permanently. It needs to be majorly overhauled though. But, that is a topic for a separate post. ;)



  1. This post made my day. Medieval + Cuteness = Joy
    I've been wanting to make my kids tunics, I haven't done it yet. These pictures nearly killed me with cuteness. Now I will.

    And you look absolutely gorgeous and epic and LOTR-ish and just downright awesome.

  2. They turned out great! I'd love to see your tutorial. I love making garb for my kids, and I love seeing how others go about making it for theirs. They look so comfortable. What weight wool did you use?

  3. Thanks! Hannah, I agree, there really is something so adorable about kids in medieval clothing! It made me happy just to see them running around playing. It's a great "magic moment" when you see kids being kids, cause they do what they do no matter what the era and are perfect time travelers!

    Edyth, I must say it was you who greatly inspired me to get these done. And to finish the seams! Thanks so much for your great information and inspiration. . .you are my medieval sewing goddess!

    The wool is fairly lightweight flannel. Judah's (the grey) is a bit heavier. Almost a light broad-clothy weight. I was so afraid it would be too heavy, but he seemed to be all right in it. It will certainly be warm for cooler months, especially if combined with another wool garment underneath.

    The cut is based on Herjolfsnes 44, like Malachi's old yellow gown, but with a keyhole neckline instead of the wide neckline on the original garment (I had issues with Malachi's head fitting through the large opening since even though it was cut wide enough to almost go off his shoulders his head still was a tight fitting getting through it!)

    I like that particular style because it fit Malachi for *so* long - it has quite a roomy fit. The boys say they are comfortable and easy to wear. Win!

  4. You all look so divine! That cap of Anna's is gorgeous! The cut is just beautiful. I am starting to wonder if you get more hours in a day than the rest of us. lol

  5. This is a very nice ensemble! I love the boys in their Medieval tunics, and the picture of you and the baby is most adorable.
    You very much remind of the actress Emily Blunt on that picture!! I last saw her in "Young Victoria" :)

    Very cute!

  6. Oh dear, they look wonderful... Now I want to have kids just to dress them up. The tunics are so simple yet beautiful! Are they based on Herjolfsnes finds? *edit: yes I see now that they are :) I remember seeing something very similar in a recent book on the topic, with a recreation of the find and also a pattern... I need to try this too :). Btw, I'm not sure if you remember, but I commented on your gothic fitted dress a while back, and in the meantime made a lot of progress on my own kirtle(although I am still not finished) - you can find the pictures on my blog (http://edralis-blogging.blogspot.sk/), although I plan to edit the post to include description of what exactly I did when I find some time. :)

  7. How fabulous! After seeing your photos, I think I need to make my nephews some tunics for faire. :-)

  8. What a beautiful photo of you and Anne! She looks like she'll be comfortable and I like that pale shade of pink. I keep forgetting that I can dye my white linen or cotton to the shade I want. Thanks for the reminder!


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