Sunday, February 3, 2013

I Finished The Dirndl

It was the most annoying thing to finish. I kept having to redo little bits here and there. Then I had to make a blouse, even though I didn't want to, because none of the other shirts I have really work with this style. Then I took the boning out of the front because I thought it was too stiff and rigid and then I figured I'd put half the boning back in. I cartridge pleated the skirt but then decided I didn't like the way it looked and the bodice was really way too short so I had to take it apart again and add a waistband to the bodice to lengthen it and then I pleated the skirt instead.

The blouse is a short blouse, thanks to great info from The Bohemian Belle. I made it using a modern peasant blouse pattern and just shortening it so it hits below the bust. I put elastic in the hem and there ya go. The fabric is leftover curtain fabric from the eyelet curtain I made Anne's eyelet dress from last year. Here you can see the blouse and the petticoat:

The pictures David took were just awful. He wasn't in the mood to take pictures so his all came out weird. Judah took a few for me and his are better but still I don't have any really good ones of the whole outfit altogether.

This one shows the bodice pretty well. There are slight stress marks where the bodice is laced but I am not too worried about it. I think those sorts of things are inevitable with bodices like this. My medieval dresses do the same thing.

And a back view:

It is a warm and cozy dress to wear. If I make more I will omit the waistband and just lengthen the bodice pieces. I may lengthen the skirt more for the next ones. .. I like the length of this one and the petticoat makes it poufy but I feel kind of 1950's-little-girl-with-pigtails while wearing it. Not a bad feeling once in a while but its not something I want all the time, you know?

All in all this was a fun experimental project! And it's great to have something different to wear besides my standard sweaters and peasant skirts or jeans. . .

I have no clue what I will be sewing next. The Historical Sew Fortnightly has the next challenge due by next week. . .some sort of undergarment. . .and I really don't know what to make or if I will even make anything at all. I think I may need a sewing break.



  1. Oh, its lovely. I wish you lived near me I'd get you to make me one. A dirndl skirt is rather 50s. They are my fave kind of skirt to make.
    Your 'petticoat' could you blog in detail how it was made. I think it would make a great summer dress (with a slip underneath).

  2. It's really pretty, Sarah. Good pictures in spite of your protesting photographers. Thanks for sharing your latest creations. I always enjoy stopping by when I see your latest post in my blog feed.
    Happy New Year!

  3. It is so lovely! I nominated you for a Gargie award


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