Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2012 Christmas Cards

Every year we sent out a few dozen Christmas cards to our family and friends. When we just had one child, even just two children, we had professional (if you can consider the cheap coupon specials Wal Mart used to have "professional") photos taken. It was fun to dress the babies up in coordinating outfits and pick out something nice for David and I to wear.

But now, since our last attempt at professional pictures, we merely take our own and consider ourselves lucky if the children look only semi-miserable and only one or two are doing something like picking their nose or sticking their tongue out.

This year was no different. I took quite a few pictures of the children one afternoon last week. By the time we were finished the boys seemed hyped up on some invisible substance and the baby was cranky and exhausted.

Most of them are like the pictures you see above. We did get one or two possible "good" ones. I think we'll go with this one for our Christmas cards this year. It's not perfect but it gets the main points across: yes, the boys are bigger this year than they were last year. And yes, we have a new baby. Some of the people we send Christmas cards to do not even know about the baby so that should be a surprise for them. Ha.

For better or for worse they will go in the mail this weekend. And the boys and baby will not have to needlessly suffer through another attempted photo session. At least til next year.



  1. They're growing up so fast... it seems just like yesterday they were little chubby cheeked babies. Although Anne still has those chubby cheeks to pinch :D

  2. Love it :) We did the same thing - met up with another family in the park and took pictures for each other. Out of well over 100, there's maybe 3 that are usable. AFTER photoshop work. And we only have 1 little to cooperate!

  3. I like the "real life" quality of these photos! How real is it when pictures show everyone lined up perfectly smiling and wrinkle-free? My favorite is Anne in the basket with the boys making their best testosterone driven expressions :).

  4. We had to put the baby in the basket since she screamed the moment I put her in any of her brothers' arms. She was quite happy to sit in the basket, either in unsmiling solemnity or trying viciously to stuff both fists into her mouth at once. I wish she had smiled for these pics; she has such a great smile. But oh well, maybe next year!

  5. Oh you have just the cutest bunch of kids ever!!!

    I agree with you, studio photos are waaaay overrated, there is something about a natural setting that can't be duplicated.

  6. Dear Sarah,

    I do hope you print this post for the childrens' memory books. It's great. Also, I think some folks would love getting the wacky-expression photo. My boys do that too. Why, oh why?



  7. I read your link to your professional picture experience, and I haven't laughed like that in a while :)
    You really should write a book, its so funny.
    I love the second to last picture of all the boys being crazy, and the look on Anne's face like she is vaguely dissaproving of their antics.
    The last one is just sweet.

  8. I absolutely LOVE the second photo - I think you should use that one! They all have such funny (and typical?) expressions - even the baby :D

  9. I love these! The second photo is hilarious and wonderful. It reminds me of some sort of movie... I thought of Lord of the Rings because I've thought a lot about your costumes for The Hobbit.

    All the photos have character and so much besides. It would be nice to receive cards like this. Good job. :)

  10. They are candidly wonderful pictures! And yes, your boys have grown. I remember when I first found your blog (searching for cw button info) Malachi was a newborn. Thanks for sharing so much knowledge, happiness, and good tidings these past few years.


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