Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hobbit Skirts. And an Apron.

Well folks, I did get both petticoats finished this week. And the apron. I feel superwomanish. Nevermind the  5 loads of laundry still waiting to be washed. . .what mattereth that when the Hobbit Frock is nearing completion, pray?
It's very. . .brown. But we'll get some color going on in the bodice!

So, the skirts are done. The first one is made from a light brown Egyptian cotton bedsheet that has seen better days. I cut out the worn parts and what was left was sufficient for a nice petticoat. It is about 130" around at the hem and is just two rectangles with a hemmed placket in the back. Super simple as far as skirts go. I machine gathered the top to a plain waistband that buttons in the back.

The second skirt is of a lightweight (although somewhat scratchy) brown wool. Also about 130" at the hem. To reduce waistline bulk I cartridge pleated it as I would a mid-19th century style skirt. It also closes with a single button at the back waistband. I'm so glad I decided to use the Egyptian cotton for the longest petticoat. It feels so good against my skin while this wool would have been rather itchy!

Then the apron. Ah. The apron. It was difficult for me to decide to actually use this "mystery" fabric. I wavered back and forth between in and a darker blue-green woven checked sheer cotton. My personal tastes strongly desired the blue-green cotton for both the color and the fiber content but in the end, David aided me in my decision making process by informing me that the lighter, brighter green was more "Hobbity".
It's just one long rectangle gathered to a plain waistband that ties in the back. You just cannot get more simple than that!

 Now that all the easy stuff is out of the way I can focus on the more difficult cut, construction and fit of the bodice. I think I'll use my 18th century stays pattern as a starting point and will heavily quilt the lining to help it hold its shape. Possibly bone the seams? I guess we'll see what works and what doesn't!

And for those of you who remember my darling Susan and the sad situation of her loosing her babies earlier this year, here is a picture that brings a very fine sort of closure to that heartbreak. Susan is a mother once more with Gilbert the Esteemed Papa and their 5 infant kitties are as fat and healthy and fuzzy as could be desired. Susan is very happy, with that blissed out look that I feel when my own babe is cuddling and nursing. I didn't want her to get pregnant again until later this fall but, as they say, life finds a way. Mama and babies doing perfectly! Gilbert has licked two of them on the head. He doesn't seem quite so apathetic as I had thought he would be.



  1. Ooh! I like how the hobbit outfit is coming together! I'm glad you decided on the lighter color even though it was a mystery fabric. It's very cheerful and looks lovely paired with the plainer browns. I can't wait to see how the bodice turns out!

  2. Yay for Susan! Such a happier tale this time. They all look adorable - such fuzzy kittens!

  3. Quite Hobbity looking, I agree! The whole outfit is rather adorable- Thank you for sharing your progress!

  4. That is beautiful! I am curious. Are you making this as a costume or for daily wear? I don't know anything about hobbits or such, but it looks very peasant-ish and I'm quite jealous.

  5. I love your hobbit outfit so far! And I have to say I agree with David - the light green is very pretty and "hobbity" and it brightens up the look very nicely :-) And I am SO happy for sweet Susan and her babies! They look as healthy as can be. yay for kittens!

  6. Yes, the baby kitties are such a joy! (although they can be quite loud when mewing altogether).

    Carla, no, this isn't meant for everyday wear although the styles could definitely translate very nicely into modern wear. I plan to wear it when David and I go see the movie The Hobbit later this year. It is certainly a comfortable and easy to wear style though. The shift would also work really well for a nightgown. I adore the peasanty look as well!

  7. A question that popped into my head;

    Will Anne be a baby Hobbit? :D

    beautiful costume!

  8. Ooooo -- how neat! I can't wait to see the rest. You are a talented lady.


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