Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our 1860's Family

David was able to take his vacation from work this past week, which worked out so nicely since he could be home with me and the boys and the baby as we settled in. It has been a week of not doing so very much; letting the housework slide a bit, taking the children to the country 4-H fair and for a hike in the woods after the heat wave passed by. Baby Anne turned one week old yesterday and it's hard to believe it has already been a whole week since she arrived. On the other hand, it is almost impossible to think that she has been here only a week - it seems like she has always been part of our family. She is such a good baby; we are so blessed. The boys are great with her, although at times I do think they view her as more of an oversized kitten to carry off and play with.

One thing we did this week was attempt to get an 1860's style picture of our family together. So far, it has not been very successful. But we did get a few of the baby and the boys and us so here they are (and we are still trying for that family picture! Maybe today the boys will be more cooperative and the baby won't decide she is starving as soon as we are ready to take the picture!)

Anne is a bit tiny for the little gown and cap I made for Malachi when he was four weeks old. But she still looked very sweet, although her main priority was attempting to taste the cap strings. 

She was more dress than baby.

David is so proud of his little daughter. It is interesting to see how his behavior is different towards her than it was towards the boys. He is more gentle, more tender, more worried about her well being. More willing to fuss over the warmth of a blanket, or the amount of air coming in through the window over her face. He was never anything but lovely with the boys but he has a much more protective demeanor towards our little girl.

I now can see my husband with new eyes. In him I see the gentle hands of my daddy, as he used to hold me. I can feel my daddy's embrace when I see David adjust his huge frame to fit the tiny bundle he lays against his chest. His eyes are deep and full of some sweet tender feeling. He realizes the enormous responsibility he has; to bring up this little woman into gracious womanhood, to be the man she first falls in love with, to be the arms she can fly to when trouble comes, to reassure her constantly of her value and her beauty. To be there for her as she discovers the man he will one day give her to, when the time comes that she will cross that mystic threshold of sweet girlhood into the realm of wifehood, of motherhood. 

As for me, I look at my baby girl and seem to see myself. Since her birth I have felt much closer to my mother. I wonder if she felt with me the same feelings I feel now as I look into the face of my infant daughter. When I think of the coming years and how fast they will go, I wonder how my mother seemed to know exactly what to teach me as each day came and went. How she enabled me to follow my own paths instead of ones she may have chosen for me instead. From embroidering little t-shirts to presenting me with my highschool diploma at the successful end of a 13 year homeschooling journey, she has been my role model, my inspiration and my teacher. I hope I can do as well with this new little one. 

This past week has been lovely but it is back to the grindstone tomorrow! I am grateful for an entire week to do nothing but get to know our newest member of the family but I do admit I am also looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. Reengergized, refocused, refreshed. We will see what life is like for a family of six. I think it will be very good.



  1. Very happy for you with this blessing of a little girl added to your young family.

    God bless,

  2. Such a lovely family! I'm still in a bit of a chock though, that you hiked just a few days after delivery - I was in so much pain I couldn't get out of the sofa without hubby's help the first week. You superwoman you!

  3. The photos are lovely, and you write so beautifully about your family :) I'm glad you had this quiet week!

  4. aww sweet. You look like a family just stepped out of the past. And I think that last photo could make a great charcoal or pen and ink sketch.
    Looks like Anne is already learning to pose for the camera. ;)

  5. I love the photo of you with your little girl. Priceless

  6. Lovely post! You're family is beautiful :D

  7. Dear Sarah,
    Another post to keep for your little Anna, and for your sons, too. All the warmth of parenthood is encapsulated there.




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