Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June Regency Project: Apron ~ Skirt and Finishing

The apron is done. It is June 26th. I made it. I did it, with four days to spare. Woo-ha. Now that certainly will inspire me to get next month's project done *early* in the month! Because, who knows, maybe sometime in the late part of next month I'll be kinda occupied with a new little person. (Although, knowing my luck, she won't appear til the latest possible date sometime in late August! Which would totally stink because we have two events late next month to attend and I'd prefer to be somewhat comfortable by that time. . .)

So anyway, to pick up where I left off, we start with the skirt. I don't know the actual dimensions of the skirt. I just eyeballed it. It is a plain rectangle and I hemmed it narrowly on the sides and with a 1.5" hem at the bottom. As per usual, I did all the stitches that will show from the outside by hand:
I decided to leave the front of the apron flat as it seemed to be more flattering than having gathers or pleats all the way across. The extra fullness in the width of the apron was taken up in three pleats on either side, and the waistband was sewn to the top edge:

Then the bib was sewn on:

To finish the waistband on the inside, I cut a strip of white cotton and sewed it to the outer waistband, creating a facing. This also helps strengthen the waistband and prevents it from stretching.

And lastly, to fasten the back, I sewed on two hook and eyes:

I TOTALLY love this apron! It works just as well over modern clothes as it does over period garments and it covers everything that normally would get stained. I am pretty sure I am going to be making another one to use for modern life. The two aprons that get rotated in my kitchen are sadly past their prime.

If David will condescend to aid me, I will get pictures up of the finished apron in the next day or so. The timer on the camera stopped working earlier today so I need an extra set of hands! Maybe I can even convince David to dress up in his regency clothes for a few pics as well. ;) What wife does not love seeing her hubby dressed in handsome period attire? It's so much easier to imagine oneself a Jane Austen heroine if one has a dressed up man as an accessory.



  1. That is AMAZING!!!! You look gorgeous!

  2. Wow your apron looks absolutely loveley!
    I agree with you this style of apron is super for everyday life, too. I use my regencyapron for my housework everyday :)

  3. "It's so much easier to imagine oneself a Jane Austen heroine if one has a dressed up man as an accessory."

    :D You made me laugh out loud :) You are too funny. My husband has a deep distrust of cameras and wouldn't be caught dead in a Regency outfit. (however, if I made a LOTR Ranger outfit, he might consider letting his picture get taken...)
    The apron is beautiful, and congratulations on the baby coming! I have 3 more months left till our little girl comes, its so exciting all these babies are coming into the world :)

  4. I love the apron! I took special note in the S&S movie, how they were often rushing to take aprons on and off. Did you use 100% linen? You do beautiful work!

  5. Hello, your blog is delightful and your work is so clean and nicely done! what kind of stitch did you use to hem the regency apron? its gorgeous!


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