Thursday, October 6, 2011

1920's Style Hat

Because every girl needs a new hat, right? I made do with a green felt, rather shapeless hat last weekend, not having time to make a new hat before our outing, but this week I set to work making a proper one.

And here is an original 1920's quilted hat. I loved coming across this one since it looked easy to reproduce. I love the colors and the fun quilting pattern. I also love the wide brim. The brim on my version didn't come out as wide or flared, but I will definitely try this shape for a summer time hat. I would love to make one in off white and blue. From what I've read, wider brims like this one were more popular in the early 20's and the smaller, closer fitting cloches came into popularity in the mid 20's. I think I am definitely more of a wide-brim type of girl. The helmet head look just doesn't do it for me, you know?

I looked around for 1920's hat patterns, but, alas, found almost nothing. I decided to use this bucket hat pattern from Simplicity and adapt it for my project.

I didn't really alter it that much. The only thing I did was to shorten the crown by about 1.5" and shape the brim so it was wider at the sides than at the front or back. The outside is made of quilted black cotton sateen and the lining is of brown taffeta. I kind of like how the lining side looks right side out. ;)

For decoration, I tied a loose swirly bow with a silky purple scarf and pinned it to one side.

I found that I definitely need bright red lipstick to be able to wear this hat with any confidence. It is too bold and dramatic to wear without red lipstick. Believe me. It just doesn't look right.

And here is the back. From the back the shape almost reminds of me of regency era bonnets.



  1. Yes, definately the red lipstick! Just completes it all. And you do look terriffic in a Cloche Hat!


  2. I love it!! I think it's the best hat I've ever seen made!

  3. Dear Sarah,
    Of all the hats you have made, this one is my favorite!
    Very best,


Thank you for your lovely thoughts!