Monday, September 5, 2011

Medieval Simple Linen Coif

Another handsewn project finished. This little coif was inspired by the infamous coif of St. Birgitta, which you can read about (and find links to tutorials/others interpretations of) at this link: Medieval Silkwork - Women's Caps.

Mine is a very simple and plain version made of the same linen as my apron. The cap is constructed of two identical halves, that fit the head closely and form a pouch for the hair at the nape of the neck. In the link above you can find links to drawings of the pattern shape. I achieved my pattern through draping and am happy with how the finished cap fits.

The two halves are sewn to a band that goes around the face. The lower edge of the seam on the back of the cap is left open for a few inches , then the lower edges pleated/gathered and sewed to the band.

The band forms a loop which goes around the head twice. This makes the cap very secure. The halves are joined with a very simple herringbone stitch which makes a nice decorative pattern on the otherwise very plain cap.

This cap can be worn as is, or used as a base to which to pin a veil. I don't think it is the most flattering head covering but it is still very cute and I am quite happy with how it came out. :) And it's such a simple cut, it would be easy to get away with wearing a cap like this in modern life if desired!



  1. It looks very good - it's so fun to see your progress into the 14th century :)

  2. very pretty! I would wear that and feel much prettier than having a bandana tied around my head to clean! :)

  3. I looove you medieval garments! Very beautiful and fine work.

  4. Dear Sarah, I've completed my first painting from these photos and was hoping to send you a picture of the completed work but I can't find your email. If you get this you can contact me on



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